Do you shy away from doing things that will turn the spotlight on you? How do you feel today? Do you feel the need for approval?

How self-confident are you? Nearly there or just full of it? Regardless of your position on the scale you are going to need confidence in your journey to success.

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Wherever you find yourself, these affirmations will boost your next steps!

Take Action Now:

  • PRINT them out and stick on the wall.

  • Write love notes to yourself in your diary.

  • Leave sticky notes in your car or add them to your desktop.

  • Say them out aloudĀ  as often as you can.

  • Do this repeatedly for 2 weeks.


I believe in myself.

I am happy with myself in this moment.

I accept constructive criticism.

I always express my thoughts and opinions.

My voice is valued and my presence required.

I rise up to challenges with joy.

I am admired because of my confidence.

I assert myself without regrets or feelings of condemnation.

Feeling confident and assured is part of my daily life.

Written by: arianadiaries

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