Towards the end of the year and at the very beginning of a new year we have a mighty rush of emotions, all kinds of joy, happiness, sorrow and depression washing through humans who are either tired of underachieving or overwhelmed with the weight of the responsibilities of their achievements. What most of these people have in common is being unaware of the streams of potential that they possess and how they can channel their life and it’s happening like a stage director does to a play. While this might seem daunting to the beginner or unimaginable for the realist. It is POSSIBLE to create a map of your life and visualize your desires until they manifest physically! (Not forgetting that you are going to need to put in the ‘work’ that supports your dreams.  Oh, how I hate to be a party popper)

I found this secret through a different style of goal setting, it’s called a vision board and some people love to call it a dream board.


A vision board is a carefully planned out road map of your desires outlined in a beautiful pictorial collage on a poster board. You can add on embellishments, notes or words. While most people now do electronic boards, I still prefer the excitement in the traditional process from collecting magazines to cutting and pasting of pictures that match my goals.


Dear high achiever, I am proud of you , we are going to  go through this process in three stages:


A vision board is creating a physical representation of your goals, something to see that will trigger your mind to making it happen and your spirit to fuel this connection. It is not a trivial process and must not be treated as one. Start out by being intentional about where and when you want to do this exercise, while it may take you only 1-2 hours only you do not want to be bothered by other obligations or bound by time. If you can afford to go on a retreat somewhere or send the kids off to spend the day.

This year I had the amazing first-time experience of going on a visioning retreat with some of my girlfriends. So Yes, you can do the same. I enjoy making vision boards in the morning because I am most active at the start of the day, if you know you work better at night, please schedule yours towards the evening.

You set the rules.  It doesn’t have to be at the start of the year, your beginning can be in your birth month. Just know the principles.

Regardless of where or with whom you want to do this with, you are going to need some important items. Create a checklist:

  • Lots of old magazines, brochures and flyers (you can collect from family and friends).
  • A poster board, scissors and glue.
  • Create the ambience: a playlist, candles, tea, incense or your favourite dress



You must be prepared to take your mind on a journey as to what your goals are. Some people find it easier to do multiple vision boards to help align their thoughts to match different aspects of their lives or around issues that they have been challenged with. For Example, Personal life, Career and Spiritual Development or Family, Health and Fitness. The choice is yours to make. Start by asking yourself intentional questions in the hours or the days leading to ‘THE ACT ‘:


  1. What is your desired lifestyle? Where do you want to visit? What house do you want to live in?
  2. What are your values? How do you define happiness?
  3. Health and Fitness- How do you feel about your emotional, physical state?
  4. Spiritually? Are you satisfied with your religious practice, do you have a relationship with God?

Write down your answers and narrow it down to your favourites for each aspect of your life.

If you love music like I do, make a playlist reflecting your favourite moods and get it ready for the day. I love tea and connect deeply with light and smell. I am a sensual person; what kind of person are you? Take a  personality test (this is all about awakening your best self, you need to meet with the inner you).

I would pack my favourite tea blends, some candles and rosemary and lavender oil to support with keeping me alert and mindful.

Do you have a favourite dress or an outfit? How about wearing it when you do your vision board. Are you connected with your late grandmother or sister and you feel they were supportive to you, how about wearing their stuff or that jewellery that they gave to you? Are you in a long distant relationship, pull out a picture of your partner and set on the table?  Like I always say, it’s the little things that set the soul on fire


Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love.

Today is the day, assuming we are starting early. I would look for an open space, natural light and lots of fresh air. I will start off with prayer, calling on God to bless my heart and mind with the right thoughts that would lead me to fulfil destiny. (If you are not there yet, you can just move on with your breathing exercises) I love to clear my head before getting into anything serious, so after prayers I would do a 5 minute meditation, there are tons of free apps out there.

Light your favourite candle or burn your favourite incense (OOOH I love frankinsence) and let the work begin.

Now that we know you are ready to create your own vision board, I will leave with these three things and you will DO IT YOURSELF! I know you can.


You alone know what you want and how you want these things to manifest in your life. Start out by listing your goals and writing down affirmations to go with them, simply put these are declarative statements in the present tense of your heart desires. You must repeat them as often as you can. Do you suck at public speaking and your dream is to be a public speaker? Your affirmation will look like this: I am a powerful, inspiring speaker.


We are attracted to the things that we love, creating your vision board is forcing you to be selective. Evoking the power of choice. Cut out pictures that represent your goals and set them apart to be laid out on your board. Choose what is important to you. Choose words that speak to you, phrases that command your life, anything that catches your eye and falls within your prerequisite of how and what you want for 2019.


The power of visualization is most active in this process, what you see with your mind’s eye you collect and put on your board. We are what we think about most consistently, yes to the law of attraction – ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you’

Before you stick your images on to the board, be sure that you are attracted to them (Don’t put a picture of a white child when your husband is a black man and then you expect a baby to show up). Be specific, don’t clutter your board.

See yourself getting exactly what you desire, preserve this feeling, it must be evoked each time you look at your dream board. These emotions are real, they are called hope!



Once you have created your vision board put it up in an area where you have easy access to on a daily basis. Try to have multiple encounters with it every day. Try not to get bored with it. After a period of time, make it a habit. Spend some time with your board assessing how you will feel when these goals manifest. Check to see how much progress you are making in terms of realizing these dreams. Was it a dream job? How many applications have you sent out to your top organisations?

You can always send in your suggestions, pictures of our visioning sessions or ask for more information. I am here ready to help you set the stage, right on to the final act.

Written by: arianadiaries

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