Life is a strict master, offering only two choices; it takes great wisdom and understanding to acquire this truth. Choice one: is to love and the other is to die. Do you love yourself enough to know which path you are treading? We have been following CEO’s who have chosen to live their truth and in return, they have carved out paths that are building up others from the inside-out.

Nelao Nengola is a wellness consultant, entrepreneur and blogger. She went from the lows of  severe depression, self-pity and divorce to making a choice, of living her best life. She has a Bachelor’s degree in health management and a certification in personal training. This gave her the knowledge to put together a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program that supports  people with weight management, health, fitness, balance and the energy to face each morning.

In Her own words she said ‘I lost 15kg of unhealthy habits, shame and guilt’. Her certifications in pilates and massage for tension release added additional knowledge to integrate the mind and body into a wellness practice.

A few years later, she got certified in Health Coaching and Behavioral Change for well being, fitness and lifestyle change. She learned tools that helped her understand her own bad habits, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns.

After living in The United States for almost eleven years, she moved back to Windoek, Nambia in 2015.

That was when she set up Power Poise, Power Poise Wellness partners with individuals and organisations to bring health and well being initiatives to communities in Namibia. They provide personal, corporate and community training and coaching with a unique holistic approach. They have consulted for the Development Bank of Namibia, University of Namibia, Namibia Correctional Services, Namibia correctional services and Deloitte Namibia among many other leading organisations and firms.

When she is not consulting, Nelao co-own’s a cold pressed marula oil company with her family, manufacturing marula oil for skin, hair and massage.  She attends business mentorship and leather work sessions every week. Where she  learns invaluable business development principles to create one of kind handmade leather pieces. She is also part of a Bra Project to making bras for women which fit correctly, are comfortable and sexy, allowing them to feel confident as they move through life.

Nelao believes that no matter what you have been through, you have the power to change your life. ‘We are always a work in progress and a masterpiece all at once’ She inspires us with her story and we stopped to listen. She shares insights that can help us all in the journey of self-discovery, self-love and growth.



Describe your business and tell us your story. Why did you get into the wellness Industry?

I’m a wellness consultant and I own a wellness consulting company called Power Poise. We work with individuals and organizations to create wellness programs that foster a culture of health and well being. I got into the industry when I started my own journey and overcame my own struggles with weight, unhealthy habits and depression.  After transforming my own lifestyle I knew that it was my mission to share this with other people and that’s when I became a health coach and personal trainer.

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree with this famous saying?  How do you define beauty?

We all find different qualities beautiful, therefore I whole heartedly agree with the saying. It’s really hard for me to define beauty. I find someone beautiful when they are living in their truth. Their true essence shines through and to me that is beautiful!

Describe your beauty regimen?  Name one beauty product that you cannot do without.

My beauty regime is not the most consistent. As a whole I try my best to eat healthy so that I’m feeding my skin and cells from within. When they are healthy, they will look and glow their best. I also make sure to drink lots of water. A product I cannot live without is my natural pure marula oil. It’s a staple for my skin and hair.


Research shows a lot of connection between stress and aging? How do you stay beautiful from the inside – out?

Yes there is absolutely a correlation and when we are stressed, we don’t take care of ourselves as well as we do when we are not. This usually means we are not eating the best, are not hydrated and are not getting restful sleep. Sleep especially is when our bodies repair themselves. If we are not allowing our body to do that then the effects of aging will indeed take a toll faster.

Having a self-care practice and stress management plan will help you keep stress-related aging at bay. Take time to rest especially. Listen to your body when it is feeling overwhelmed. Some practices that I would recommend to add are activities like deep breathing, yoga or Pilates, ensure to eat foods which are nourishing to your body.

Do you think that, there is a connection between love, beauty and peace?  How do you harmonise these three things in your daily lifestyle?

I think focusing on peace will bring all things into harmony. When we operate from a place of peace in our work, our relationships and our contribution to our communities are more likely to also naturally attract opportunities and people who bring more love and beauty into our lives.


Attraction for most people is based on physical looks; do you think that, there is a relationship between beauty and love? Share your thoughts on the matter.

Outward beauty can be misleading and sometimes trick us into thinking we ‘love’ a person, but how a person looks says nothing about their internal character. I recommend that people take time to get to know the persons true character first. Spend time around the person; observe them in different settings and situation. Learn different qualities of the person. Also observe how being around that person makes you feel and then judge whether or not they are someone you want to be a part of your life long term.



Generation Z attaches a lot of power to superficial beauty and achieving ‘the perfect look’. What words of advice would you give to these future leaders with regards to fashion, wellness and beauty?

Taking care of our outside is great but taking care of our internal self is much more important. True happiness comes from internal fulfillment so I hope that we can make self care cool too! As a leader it’s really important to be ‘whole’ internally in order to be able to withstand the winds that come with being in a leadership position. There is no such thing as a perfect look. The perfect look is the one that allows you to feel most confident. Your confidence is what will empower you to make true change in your community and the world.



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