Luciana Gilmore, was and will always be an educator at heart. She is the founder of  mothers and daughters revived. This is a conference that supports connections between mothers and daughters, creating a safe space to share while heightening awareness surrounding issues that have historically severed ties between them.

She was in education for over 16 years, as a teacher and ultimately left the profession as a Founding High School Principal.

She was led to leave her position because  She knew God had bigger plans for her. She couldn’t see the plans, or even ascertain where or who would be included in plans, but  She could feel it in her soul that something else was to be a part of her legacy. When God said she would help mothers and daughters, She had no clue, as to how or why! She walked away from her position in the faith of knowing and understanding  that this work was to be a part of  her purpose.

She loves helping others, and is especially inclined to help girls and women. Having faced so many barriers throughout her life, she is able to share with females the hardships and successes of life. As an educator she is on a mission to help girls become great women, and to help women become better women!


Who inspires you?

There are many who inspire me, but I think my biggest inspiration comes from my children. My daughters push me to be great every day because I expect that from them, so in turn, they are watching and expecting me to set the example. My son pushes me to go beyond my limits, as he thinks I’m famous and that everyone knows me already. Its something about how his mind works and the things he says to me, that makes me believe that if my 6 year old thinks I’m worthy of knowing then I need to make this happen!

What does the three words mean in your life; faith, passion and resilience?

FAITH is what I am living by daily! God has placed on my heart this purpose to help girls and women, I didn’t understand, have a plan, or know how this would happen…But FAITH has taught me to not lean on my own understanding.

PASSION is when every part of your being and soul feels and responds to your actions. When your actions trigger you internally, that’s passion!

RESILIENCE is being able to get up and push past barriers old and new with 100% effort knowing that results will come with consistency.

What would you say are the key elements for starting and running a successful business?

Key elements for starting and running a new business would include:

  • Not giving up!

  • Not being reliant on friends and family to support.

  • Establishing a new normal.

  • Establishing and Maintaining a circle of those you aspire to become.

  • Pray and Pray again!

What led you into writing and inspired your book ‘Daughter Have I Told you Lately’.

My daughters led me to write, “Daughter, Have I Told You Lately,” I had a daughter getting ready to transition to college and the overwhelming feeling of ensuring I had taught her everything, shared everything and guided her correctly urged me to pen the book.

My oldest daughter has shouldered most of my learning experience as a mother, she watched me go to work and school at night and on the weekends. She witnessed my climb from the classroom to the principal office, and along the way, at times I missed some of her experiences trying to ensure that I could provide for her without fault. So, Daughter, Have I Told You Lately, was truly my way of capturing all the things I may have forgot to say, needed to say, and wanted her to know. The words as I was writing I knew would resonate with mothers around the world!


What advice will you give a Mama who is struggling to communicate with her daughter?

Communication is hard! It’s even harder when communicating issues of the heart, our daughters are our heart! My advice would be to be as open as you can, while still maintaining your lane as a mother. Doesn’t have to look like our conversations held with our mothers, which usually were vague and non-informative, but it does need to be receptive, informative, and it doesn’t hurt to include a level of humor if appropriate. Because we live in a society where everything is at their fingertips, you must be straightforward, if not we leave room for others to inform them and that can be problematic!

What are your tips for enhancing honest and open dialogue in professional relationships?

Having crucial conversations is probably one of my most prized attributes as a principal and now in my walk as a entrepreneur. I feel that people receive and act upon information better when it is clear, documented, and collaborative. Which ultimately allows you to tell the truth without fault, provide your reasoning, and the have a dialogue that engages the other party.

What would you say is the best advice that has been given to you?

My best advice given to me was, “Don’t change who you are, as your authentic self you provide a sense of knowledge and comfort.”

I have stayed true to who I am, flaws, scars and all, without conforming and it has proven to be successful.

Don’t forget to read her book:  Daughter, Have I Told You Lately?, it speaks to the importance of the mother daughter relationship and helps mothers learn how to affirm their daughters through loving and compassionate language.
Written by: arianadiaries

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