Somewhere in the heart of Tokeh, an idyllic village whose inhabitants are well known for their fishing occupation, nestled in the heart of a tropical forest and flunked by a splatter of hills lies the luxurious beach resort, The Place .

The Place offers an unrivaled promise of Paradise to guests who seek relaxation and rest within its borders: from its unique white sand beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to a slew of luxurious suites and amenities. The Place is the ultimate escape, away from the hustle and pressures of everyday life. It is the perfect location for a getaway or an office retreat.

Besides its many amenities, what makes it truly “The Place” to be is the values and principles that forms their culture. They priotise service and enjoy giving back to the community, creating a sustainable and warm environment for guests at the resort. The Place believes in offering a bit of that paradise to their community by providing opportunities to the locals and helping to address the issues of  unemployment through a training program in hospitality and hotel management.


The training program started in 2017, it was conceived to encourage talented locals, who exhibit an interest in hospitality. The custom – made training scheme was developed to help them discover their hidden talents and  create a framework  to dream, pursue  and grow a passion for serving others.

The training program is made up of two phases:

The first stage is an eight-week program where trainees are introduced to the fundamentals of hospitality. The trainees are assigned to mentors, these mentors are the divisional heads in the various departments in the resort.  The various departments i.e Administration, Food & Beverage and the Rooms Division help in the training and guidance of the trainees at this stage. At the end of the scheme, trainees are given certificates to help them seek employment or continue their studies in higher institutions.

The second phase helps trainees focus on specializing in their areas of interest, based on their strengths. This stage is a rigorous three months on-the-job training where trainees are helped to build on their areas of specialization.

Eventually, trainees who are not permanently employed at The Resort receive assistance from the Human Resource division, to find permanent work with other hospitality establishments.

Managing Director of The Place Resort in a casual talk with some trainees at The High Tide Bar & Bistro

This program since inception, has brought on benefits to young and enterprising locals who would have had a lot more difficulty in gaining employment due to inadequate skills and abilities.

There have been about 50 trainees who have undergone this training, benefited from it and at least 10 trainees have been recruited by the resort.

The Place remains committed to its guests, community and Sierra Leone- it’s Country. 

Written by: arianadiaries

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