Back to School! It’s been in the air heavily for the last few weeks.¬† The bitter end to holidaying, the fun sort of disappears when you think of the school runs, packed lunches not forgetting figuring what to wear. Oh how we dread going back to school after the holidays.

Well for most of us , the ordinary parents who try to be just that. Nothing magical but real authentic: we nag when we have to , read a story when we can’t wiggle out of it and serve packaged meals (all those nuggets and fries, just the thought makes you want to sign up for confession everyday). Their is no tool box for parenting, it’s quite unique to every parent and for every child.

This is the reality that goes beyond getting the latest character for your child to actually spending quality time with Him/Her. The emphasis on getting school ready over the last years has been very materialistic. As parents we have focused on what they are wearing and what’s in season rather than prepare our children for the realities of adjusting to the school environment. Different people, different rules in the big wide world. We assume that because we have chosen the best schools, the teachers would be the best, the students will of a certain class and moral standing. The realities will shock you, the language your child is exposed might be the greatest wound to her mind.

This blog post will take you into some of the habits you’ll have to adopt that you will make you a better judge of your child’s back to school vibes. Let’s go:

  1. Everyday is important, not just the first day or the first week. Priotise doing reflections with your child. You can begin with these conversation starters- What made you smile at school today? Who does your new teacher remind you off? Let’s talk opposites, whose your opposite in class? Tell me about the most popular game in school?

  2. Get to know as many people in the school environment: the janitor, cafeteria attendants, the class assistants, the bathroom attendants and their friends. A lot of times we focus on the senior administrative staff and or the teachers, without following the people that actually see our children when the mask is off! During playtime or lunch break, when they are vulnerable. Treat these people with respect, ask them quick questions about your child. Their social-emotional development is as valid as the learning of abc’s and 123’s.

  3. Observe their habits, change in moods: Over eating all of a sudden? poor appetite? Over sleeping? Struggles to sleep? Very withdrawn? Overly anxious? Change in book preferences, hobbies and interests. All of these indicators tell you of a change. it is the role of the parent to understand the change and support their child through it. Do not panic at every change, but always gauge from a position of love and deep trust for your child. Please do not use this an excuse to invade in their privacy. This has it’s ramifications, become an eagle teach them how to fly.

  4. Stop relying on your past- your ideas and experiences. This year, reach out to the professionals: a counsellor, an early childhood expert, a family coach. Read books on parenting, attend parenting classes, attend family seminars. Get on board the 21st century parenting train. Ask questions- Reach out for help. This will help you sail through this new school year.

  5. Get to know the parents! It’s not enough to know your child’s BFF, but find out what the parents do, what are they like? Engage them in conversations, get their numbers on speed dial. The likelihood that your child’s habit are going to be very much like His/Her friend this year is so very high. Get in the mix. No -you are not too much.

  6.  Relax. Your child is going to be just fine. You have to be emotionally stable and spiritually sensitive to become a mindful parent. Our children soak up a lot more of our energies than we wish to admit. You are the mirror, reflect authenticity, truth, values, happiness and a zest for learning.

I truly hope that you will be truly aligned to gauge your child’s back to school vibes . Don’t forget to share your comments and forward these articles to parents out there!

Written by: arianadiaries

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