BSI is Sierra Leone’s leading premiere serviced and virtual office provider. As Sierra Leone opens its gateways to foreign investments, there is a vast need for business service to be offered that accommodates the needs of any potential business person that wants to set up his/her operation in a professional setting.

Potential Investors and new (small) businesses may want to test the waters as they set up their operations by temporarily outsourcing office operations/location. This minimizes their overhead costs through the use of a fully-fledged office environment. It will provide all the professional services needed to run a business operation in a confidential manner and still have the look and feel of a corporate body. Our offices inspire success in every one of our members through spacial design, which is motivated by a flexible work space and an enabling business ecosystem.


The business world can be demanding, amplifying the need to be the best at what we do. Thankfully BSI’s take on business is mind, body and spirit; creating synergy between one’s mental health and achieving great outcomes. Most business owners, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs work more than the daily average. Interestingly a common joke by the managers of office hotels and serviced offices is to make the workplace so comfortable that the client wouldn’t have to go home. Ironically though, quality and ease can easily swap places with burn out and stress- BSI aims to cushion this. 

Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.     

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Ms. Dumbuya (on the left) with Ariana

When we met with the CEO of BSI – Ms. Aminata Dumbuya we were keen to know what had inspired the interior design. It’s styled to be homely and comfortable with Earth tones set on an orange zesty flavour.

She said the inspiration for her was palette wood, interestingly the artisan they hired had never worked with palette in this capacity; Pinterest saved the day. ‘When I learnt that Palette is made of Pine wood it got me even more interested, this was quality assurance- it would last. To enhance the sturdiness, we added wheels, if a client wants to combine two cubicles; it can be clasped together. Our offices meet your every mood, we are flexible and our environment dynamic with mood lighting, ergonomic executive chairs, uninterrupted internet access with designated parking and administrative support (*terms & conditions apply)’.


In 2010-2011, Ami worked with multi-nationals executing ground breaking projects. Amidst the successes of her delivery she experienced frustrated clients who became generally unhappy with unfavourable working environments. As an International Marketing Expert and a renewable energy enthusiast,she saw a need.What if she created a facility: like an office hotel,where anyone could come and conduct business.

What if she could enhance, businesses made in Sierra Leone, this could help facilitate investments in the country. Obviously nine years later, co work spaces and shared work spaces are the in thing. We hear about work spaces daily, but for Ms. Dumbuya the aim will always be, how can investors and business people transition seamlessly into running their business here.


The thought has manifested, it feels like home, it feels like an office, where someone could come and stay and work through the night. A place where ideas are born and experiences are created. You can basically walk into BSI and be served.

They have three sets of offices, the executive offices where up to five individuals can work from. They’ve got the workstation where you have a desk and can just work from there with internet access that is limitless and obviously the electricity will stay on. You don’t have to pay for any of that, it is included in your cost. There are cubicle styled offices, with a bit more privacy and you can fit about two workers in there comfortably. The conference rooms you can comfortably fit 20 people. Plus there are other amenities such as photocopying and secretarial services. They do laptop / projector leasing, so if you are coming in and you don’t have a laptop, you can rent a laptop. So with a small investment you can start a business and run an office, without the hustle of having to pay money upfront for several years to acquire assets or pay rent.

There is also the virtual office, if you are an investor you don’t actually need a tangible office, you can have an office address. We can answer phone calls for you and manage your mail!


Earlier this month, Business Services International had their first Meet and Greet event and that’s just the beginning of networking functions, providing the right environment for business people to gather. In the future they are looking at reward programmes that will reduce the cost for both local entrepreneurs and International investors. You know when you are starting a business one of the biggest obstacle is the operational cost. In Sierra Leone we all have to buy the hardcore items and that’s a huge capital investment which blocks people from venturing into business.

BSI’s mantra is ease of doing business. Ease of carrying on with your day to day work and focusing on actually what you are trying to do rather than focusing on running an office. They take that responsibility of running an office from you.

In December, They will be catering to local entrepreneurs and freelancers who can walk in and use the office for a whole day for just Le 100,000. This promotion will run till January 30th 2020.

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