Cyrus Richard Togba popularly known as Cyrus Richie is a praise-worship leader, singer-songwriter and a recording artist currently based in Germany. Cyrus Richie is happily married to Mrs. Fatmata Togba and they are blessed with four lovely children.
Born in Sierra Leone, Cyrus Richie grew up in a God-fearing home where His mama and grandma, were God and music lovers. He grew up listening to the melodious hymns sung at the Methodist Church. He vividly recalls his Grandma singing them out loud, especially on Sundays.

He got into the church choir when he was 9 years old but then the big connection came many years later after He listened to Kirk Franklin’s ‘Why We Sing’ then he got deeply inspired by gospel music. Some people close to him say it is Sonnie Badu’s- ‘Baba Oh’ worship song that made him fall forever in love with gospel music. It turned out that those seeds sown at an early age, matured well and are blooming for the world to see and testify.
Thankfully through the years he has strived to keep up with his heart work and the call to serve. Today unlike many other young people he is set to start a new decade knowing that his passion and commitment is to MUSIC.

Cyrus Richie has succeeded to be actively involved in the choir of every Church he joined. According to him, “his journey with the Lord hasn’t been a smooth one,” but life experiences and challenges have strengthened his resolve to serve God more.

In 2018, he launched his official debut as a recording artist with his first single “Most High God”. This was backed by the well-received track “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” released in January 2019. He is growing into the hearts of people who desire to have an intimate spiritual encounter and life-changing experiences.

When we heard that the talented worshiper was set to kick-off the decade on a high note, we couldn’t help but tap into his ministry! On January 11th 2020, we joined fans across continents to listen to his brand new single “Bow and Worship” featuring Gambia-based music minister; Kalusian.

Beyond soulful symphonies what truths could this gospel minister possess? That’s for us to decide through this list inspired by his passion to work:

1. Identify your Life’s mission. We are all here to fulfill a purpose, mine is to be an outstanding gospel minister. The moment I discovered my purpose, I began to see things falling in their rightful places and a lot has already been achieved so far.

2. Do work that brings hope unto others. I envision that my work will be a guide that will mentor the younger generation.

3. Have a plan. I want to live a life that speaks truth. I want my legacy to be listed as one of the greatest gospel minsters of my time. To the Glory of God.

4. Create beautiful work. When I say Music, it opens up a world of beauty! Music helps me express myself better and gives me great comfort no matter the feeling I have or situation around me. As a gospel minister, I minister the word of God to His people through music. Some to give joy, peace and love. Some to comfort and some to give hope. The music must have a very good melody, well arrange and with a great message to its listeners.

5. Find what inspires you daily. I believe that The Holy Spirit of God uses me through music to help both the young and old find their purpose in life through my ministrations.

6. Dedicate time to learning: I realized many years ago that I was gifted, this is the foundation. I listen to music a lot, irrespective of the genre. Singing in the choir has helped improved and I am a member of a group here in Germany called Liberty Experience. It’s made up of experienced music ministers in Munich, Germany and so I learn daily from each and every one.

7. Commit to new experiences: I am starting the new year with a new single ‘Bow and Worship’ it is a song that expresses total trust and dependence in the All-Sufficient God, with a deep reverence for Him. On this track, I made a commitment to bow and worship God all my life. When I took stock of my life, I realized that I owe it all to God and that brought me to a place of reverence. Knowing that God is at the center of it all. Many people forget God easily especially when there are certain changes in their lives. A lot of things take their mind from trusting in God. My vision is to bring people to this understanding that God can change any situation. All He demands from us is to make ourselves available for His use and He takes care of our burdens. This is a reminder we must make it a priority to worship and serve God no matter the situation around us. Therefore, as Long as I can breathe, I will bow and Worship Him.

According to Cyrus Richie, the song was inspired with an aim to turn the hearts of people back to God in worship. “Only God is able to give us complete sufficiency” “Bow and Worship” is produced by the Sunny Pee.

Whose ready to take the road less travelled to doing work that elevates the spirit?

Download Bow and Worship NOW.

Written by: arianadiaries

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  • Cordelia Pratt

    The song Bow and Worship by Cyrus Richie actually wakens my spirit to continually seek God in every circumstance because God is always with us. I will Bow and Worship you Lord as long as I am alive.