Make this decade one that you take chances with, take risks and chase love.

Stop it with all of the excuses, I am not good enough! I don’t have the right tools. I am not ready yet or I don’t know how.

When I started renting a decade ago I had a dog. It didn’t work out with co-tenants and moving house. I desired a garden, but most people nowadays build houses with paved grounds.

Somehow raising a family, securing a job, starting a business and living life took over. Still no garden or  pet- like many other desires and dreams that we so often imagine it died or so I thought.

In 2018 rediscovered my interest in flowers through my daily nature walk. I took notice of them, I saw different plants and by some weird chance I read about how gardening helped with mindfulness. It so happened that at the same time I was beginning to value the power of silence.

I knew that I wanted a garden but the excuses filtered through. I resisted a thousand times, where would I get the time to nurture plants? What did I know about flowers?

Thankfully my Mama has green fingers and  so she supported me to begin a potted garden. It’s been over a year and I have collected plants from across Africa. Gardening and my potted garden has helped me grow in so many ways!

If you were to ask me my favourite gift  I will say flowers , well aside of tea(hahaha). For all those people have bugged to bring flowers , may your life be watered daily and be filled with sweet scents.

I have learnt Patience like no other

When you are tending to plants they bring out the vulnerable you. They do things to match their cycle not your expectations, waiting for a rose to bud or a new leaf to grow takes forever and a day. Some plants like us humans are tough and they can withstand over watering, all kinds of temperature and lighting. Others appear to be tough, succulent and fleshy but tend to be so sensitive to everything even touch. The greatest disaster for a plant lover is to lose one!

Flowers bring so much good energy.

In some cultures it is believed that some flowers help provide a means of prospering spiritually, mentally and physically, you might call that superstitious. How about its aesthetic beauty that brings joy to the eyes or the sweet and pleasant smelling ones that can help soothe a stressed mind and provide energy.

Flowers need love, lots of it. They also give love, tons of it.
They respond to you with the fluttering of their leaves. They grow bigger when you speak to them. Your garden will do well when you compliment it. Ha, the power of love goes beyond flesh and blood unto every single one of God’s creation. Your garden can listen to your secrets, they don’t gossip rather they ask the butterflies to gently spread the message from flower to flower, each offering it’s own advice.
When I tend to the garden, alone with my thoughts every droplet on each leaf magnifies itself assuring me on the importance of the way we look at things.

Why didn’t I notice before? Like scales dropping off. I have become a flower stalker noticing every shrub, for each creeping plant brings me a smile. Time flows, time has become beautiful.

Gardening has become a hobby and flowers make me so happy! Have you thought about taking up a hobby? Let me share why you should:

  • They are great stress relievers.

  • They help you discover your hidden talents.

  • Hobbies most often turn into a side hustle! Money- yay.

  • They help you stay present and inculcate mindfulness.

  • Some hobbies make you burn energy and sleep better.

What are your favourite hobbies? What lessons have you learnt from them ?

Sneak Peek : My Potted Garden
Can you guess their names?
Written by: arianadiaries

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