5-minute a day gratitude journal can increase your long-term wellbeing by more than 10% (Happier Human, 2018)

Allow yourself to feel the pain and difficulty of not been where you ought to be in whatever area: family/relationships, health wise, financially, career and spiritually.  A lot of people are hitting ground zero, the future looks pretty gloom and doom with economical predictions that could damage emerging leaders and sink empires.

We are in the midst of a global crisis with a pandemic that has left many bewildered , isolated with so much fear. In recent times socialization had been glorified with many learning opportunities to support shyness , confidence and public speaking. Networking had become a key source of inspiration for many dreamers, innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs.

We find ourselves tied to set routines – the need to do something, keep busy, make a move, show up and deliver. In the process of meeting the needs of being first , making impact and delivering quality, humanity has lot so much.

We have lost touch with ourselves first and with others:

  • No time to say hello.

  • No time to rest.

  • No time for empathy.

  • No time for  kindness.

  • No time for gratitude.

GRATITUDE. We fail to embrace it’s vital role in supporting mental/ physical health. One of the most valuable tools for getting through stressful times is recognizing the need to be fully aware of every little thing that brings us joy. Gratitude is a command !

When we take into cognizance all of life processes , the evolving human should be humbled by it all. Let’s look at the master molecule breaker: our digestive tract and how it breaks down hard, soft and bizarre pieces of food. All of which when it goes the wrong way leaves us in pain or near fatal conditions. How about the flowers of the fields? heeding to the call of nature on when to bloom, when to stop, when to wither and when to die.

We need not have fancy achievements to be grateful, rather we can find something good and thankful in every day. When you look at gratitude as a command it prompts you to be dedicated to it.

Imagine your computer, no matter how sophisticated or how sleek and modern it is, will not operate without your commands. A lot of people are not thriving because they lack gratitude.

How can you cultivate gratitude in your daily life? Especially in such difficult times in our world, when our loved ones pass on and we are on the brink of losing our livelihoods, travel has been halted and the World as we know it is about to change. How can we thrive in isolation? How can we be productive in the days of social distancing?

a. Slow down, take time to smell the roses.( I mean that literally). Be prompt in decision making but do not get into panic mode. Savour the moments, look for and indulge in comical moments.

b. Be an optimist- Look for the good in every situation. Some people will say it’s easier said than done, but really! Have you ever practiced this?

c. Practice saying thank you. As kids most of us were taught that these are the magic words. Yes, let’s affirm it into existence. They are truly magical. For each time you say thank you from the heart, you are empowering someone. Telling them that they matter, they are valid and recognised.

d. Be ready to serve others, volunteer to help vulnerable groups, think up solutions( What one thing can I do to make the situation better?)

e. Start a gratitude Journal, this will help you make good use of your free time with less opportunity for your mind to wander.

f. Take up a new hobby, something that can be done in the comfort of your home and safety

Now that you have a few steps to help you master Gratitude in difficult times; let’s see how fast you can cultivate it .

What are you grateful for ?



The gratitude of the heart
Can never be limited
By any mind-made boundaries.

– Sri Chinmoy

Written by: arianadiaries

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