Most people presume that the nutrients within every item we put in our mouth is absorbed into our body. Yet there are many vital nutrients that are needed by the body for tissue repair and cellular regeneration that just pass through  the body and out the other end undigested.

Almost all chronic disease are linked to one or many nutrient deficiency  and or high toxicity within the body, which in turn affects the blood pH, which is crucial to general health.

Our  blood needs the right balance of acidic and basic (alkaline) compounds for good health and to fight off illness. This is called the acid-base balance. Your kidneys and lungs work to maintain the acid-base balance. Even slight variations from the normal range can have significant effects on your vital organs.

Symptoms of an over -acidic system include  hair loss, aching joint & muscle pain, chronic fatigue which always leads to insomnia. Frequent fungal infections, eczema and in extreme cases lead to cancers like bowel cancer just to name a few.

In general, the body  needs to be around 70% alkaline and 30% acid, unfortunately , due to our modern lifestyle and most importantly our diets we consume generally acid forming foods. So now the average person is around 80% acid and 20% alkaline which is why so may of us fall sick to begin with.

So how can we re-alkalise or harmonise our Blood pH? It’s by being intentional, because majority of the foods or beverages we consume the body breaks down either as an alkaline or acidic mineral ash in the body. Take for instance all animal produce and egg yolks are acid forming  but are essential for good health as well.

The proven truth is moderation and balance.

Reducing the consumption of red meat, such as beef or alternatively eating red meat one day and then eating legumes which are plant -based protein  source (for instance beans) on another day.

Another way alkalise your blood pH and in the  process boost your immunity is to include plenty vegetables  like our local greens leafy vegetables and herbs, the darker the better because its packed with chlorophyll, which is rich in magnesium. A major alkalising mineral which every cell in the body needs in high volume.

Herbs like bitter leaf which has many native names but with botanical name: Vernonia amygdalina, is packed with chlorophyll and magnesium. Another great alkaline rich herb is the African stinging nettle its botanical name is Urtica dioica.

Here is a fantastic homegrown herbal tea, very easy  and quick way to alkalise your body every day. It has a shelf of 5days in the fridge.

To be taken first thing in the morning, when you wake up:

  • 1x  handful of dried African stinging nettle leaf

  • 1x handful of bitter leaf

  • Half a lemon.

Brew all this in a medium sized pot, remember do not add herbs to boiling water rather its better to add it boiled water that has cooled down to hot water. Then brew overnight and strain into a large glass bottle and keep in the bottle in the fridge.  This is more potent than a glass of lemon and warm water, which another way to alkalise the body quickly as well.

Another easy and quick way is to eat fruits for breakfast, which help to re-alkalise the body blood pH. Fruits like celery, green apples and carrot, if you can grate a hint of ginger on any of these fruits you got yourself an alkalise immune-booster breakfest. Avoid orange juice in the morning because it can overstimulate the production of stomach acid, which is  a general misconception or habit which we all have adopted. Its better to take in mid -morning or afternoon after you had your breakfast.

Every cell functions more efficiently when it is predominantly alkaline. So remember for general good health the body needs to maintain a certain acid-alkaline balance, in order to prevent  illness or quick ageing of the body.

The truth in all its kind, is the most difficult to win,  and the truth in medicine is the most difficult of all.

Pete Mere  Latham


The Proven Truth Behind Chronic illness and To Prevent it is written By Rashida Oluwaseyi Raji. Homeopathic advisor, MSc Pharma, HACCP and NEBOSH.

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Written by: Oluwaseyi Raji

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