Cool, elegant and an aspiring young leader, no one would have thought that Adama knew nothing about contraceptives. She knew her boyfriend would leave if she didn’t make it all the way this time. How could she survive another broken heart, besides he was quite the hunk, what you would call a golden ticket?

She had seen how college girls her age, had dropped out without access to fees after having babies. Then he called, her nipples hardened as the screensaver with his picture lit up! Heavy fore-play had given her a pre-taste of what the real thing could be like. In fact she was one person that was determined that sex was going to be pleasurable for her. It wasn’t going to be a chore or as per societal expectations. The more she thought about it, the harder it was to stay home. This was going to be a hard choice, or maybe a super easy one: they say we must follow our hearts and love conquers all.  How about all the girls in her neighbourhood who had become sexually active in Secondary School, nothing really happened did it? It could be a game of chance.

Ada’s trip to the remedial classes was always a classical detour to Mr. Right, she jumped into the Poda-Poda (Bus), its radio music blasting – ‘Banana Fall on Me’. She fiddled with her phone, browsing aimlessly and then…..

Call it pure coincidence or fate but on this very ride, sat a middle- aged man neatly dressed with a mildly pensive look on his face. He had an equal share of  wild thoughts racing through his mind, it had been weeks and he had not enjoyed sex with his young wife. Women of nowadays, she resisted every attempt. Her excuse was, she didn’t want to fall pregnant again. As if, after 3 kids she had signed up for the convent or he had suddenly gone broke? He wasn’t going to settle for these excuses, how can he solve this problem?

Like thousands of people across the world, this bus had captives, people with limited knowledge of reproductive health, little access to information some blocked by their own prejudices or for the fear of stigma. This lack has gone on to cause thousands of unwanted pregnancies, stints with sexually transmitted diseases and infections with a lot mental health problems affecting young to middle-aged people from different backgrounds.

In Adama’s home country Sierra Leone: Teenage pregnancy and motherhood has been identified as the second most prevalent child abuse practice in Sierra Leone. It constitutes a national and community-wide problem, with a prevalence of 68 percent pregnancy rate among sexually experienced teenage girls, with a mean age of 15, and 28 percent of teenage boys having caused a pregnancy’. As reported by the UNICEF 

The chances that the passengers on the Bus (Ada & the middle-aged man included) would go on to crush their dreams, hurt their loved ones or have reproductive health issues would have remained very high. If not for the solution that popped up on Adama’s screen, well she was rather too shy to share the information but thankfully the advert is on facebook: FIND MY METHOD.

At Find My Method, they believe that everyone has a right to safe and well-informed reproductive health care. That’s why they are working to provide accurate contraceptive information for a global audience.

Regardless of where you live or the lifestyle you choose, they are here to help you find a contraceptive method that keeps you happy, healthy, and protected.

Find My Method was created in collaboration with and partners around the world.  They are proud to share information that is easy to understand, comprehensive, and globally representative. Join the community, to find your method, and spread the word.

At Find My Method there are 18 choices to choose from and you can select up to 6 contraceptive solutions with a side by side comparison. There are filters available for choosing a method like lifestyle and medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity, to name a few. Depending on your preferences, they  are found here:  These guidelines help alleviate many myths and fears projected by culture and miscommunication.

In the privacy of your home, office and recreational spot- just before that steamy sexual rendezvous you can protect yourself and your future. You can support other people around you, by sharing Find My Method platform.

It’s not promiscuity that prompts an interest in sexual reproductive health, it’s a deep interest in well-being, self-love and awareness. It is the desire, to be a person, the leader that owns their voice.

Learning about the Find My Method Forum where one can join in to openly discuss sex, birth control and pleasure has been the biggest add –on. We can have relatable and practical advice for free; share our stories with no judgment, being the icing on the cake. Peep into the forum to see for yourself, in the comfort of anonymity I can discuss my issues and get real time answers.

Find Your Method by clicking on this link :

Get Advice, share your opinions on the forum by clicking on this link:

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  • Esther Jusu

    sex education is vital to our teenage populace. Thanks Ariana for always dealing with sensitive topics that no one wants to talk about. You are a gem