Rewind to the day you started on your career, imagine that you are starting all over at ground zero. Would you have been richer if Warren Buffet were to be your personal investment advisor? Would you do business better if you had Bill Gates mentoring you directly on entrepreneurship? What would happen to your body if you had Arnold Schwarzenegger at your gym for 30 minutes every day as your personal trainer?

Mentors have the power to do precisely this in your life today and every day. Mentors are incredibly powerful in their ability to transform your life from what it is today into what you imagine it to be.

Many people start their career with a dream or a goal, but just as too many of them exit the stage broken and unfulfilled, many others get promoted and find the good life. One significant difference between both sides is the presence of a mentor.

It is on this all-important fact of life and pathway to achieving our dreams that Mentor X-Africa was launched one year ago with the sole mission of helping people find international, high-achieving mentors who have what it takes to make their journey shorter, smarter and worthwhile.

The goal is simple, the premise, precise: to create a centralized platform where people within the African community can access and connect with mentors across the world. Since its launch, we have been able to connect more than 300 mentees to verified mentors across the world, from across multiple disciplines—Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Creative, Academia, Tech and Innovation, etc.

We have also seen an increase in the number of mentors signing up on our platform. It is important to note however that while mentorship is a global demand, it has not entirely been in popular supply for other areas outside entrepreneurship within the African community.

With Mentor X-Africa, a lot more people within the African community have the opportunity to not only connect with mentors/mentees but also connect with individuals with shared interest with whom they could collaborate across multiple projects at no financial cost.

In our one year of existence, the company has also partnered with different organizations, individuals, etc. to launch multiple personal development programmes via masterclasses and incubation programs etc. As a result of these incredible feats, the company has also received interests from multiple organizations seeking to impact the African community through its platform.

In celebration of her first anniversary, the company is launching the maiden edition of her global leadership conference themed: LEADERSHIP AND THE FUTURE OF AFRICA.

This conference will see global leaders from across multiple industries come together to discuss the dynamics of African leadership and the socioeconomic importance to its future. The conference will also present an opportunity for attendees to network with each other. While access to the conference is expected to be free, it will strictly be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The conference is slated for May 29th, 2021 at 10 AM West African Time (WAT) and will feature global renowned speakers and experts. On this note, the company is inviting you to attend this high-powered conference and to join in celebrating its first anniversary.

To read more about the work we do at Mentor X-Africa and to find out about how to be a mentee/mentor, kindly visit If you’d like to contribute to our work or partner with us, kindly send us an email at or visit our corporate website at

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