May was mental health awareness month and we were elated because it helped shed light on mental health  issues that we often ignore, on some occasions we deny it’s effects or claim it’s a westernized idea for weak people.

At Ariana Diaries, we encourage our readers and community members to recognise and own the fact that safeguarding our mental health is an important aspect of our personal  and career development.

We must look for ways to nurture  and invest in caring for our mental health, just like we do our physical health. We might all agree that as parents, leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs;our daily lives are loaded with stress and most often than not we juggle with anxiety of varying levels. This is why we believe that incorporating self care into our schedules is one way we can continue producing great work and creating phenomenal results . How do we do that? We are excited to share eight(8) tips to help reduce stress and anxiety especially in the work place:

A change in environment always does the trick. It doesn’t have to be moving houses or running out of the country. It could be moving a few meters away from where you feel burdened always helps.

  • Take a 10-minute walk in the neighborhood.

  • Get some fresh air.

  • A 5-minute snack break.

  • Visiting a colleague in another department, might give you enough time to yourself to clear your head.



Relax your mind and body with a few meditations or listen to some nature sounds.

  • Take yourself back in time to your happy moments- yes- daydream when you can

  • Wear headphones and enjoy soothing sounds from meditation music


When your surroundings become toxic or aren’t matching up, indulge yourself in listening to positive and inspiring podcasts to refresh your thoughts, and cleanse your memory.

You can also do this on your way to / from work, example:  when stuck in traffic. You can catch up on your favorite author, grab an audiobook or join an online book club to meet like minds.

For the love of TEA! You know how obsessed with are with wellness teas, you can insert healthy fluids, water, fresh juice and smoothies. 

  • Are you feeling stressed? Drink tea

  • Looking for energy to start up your day? Drink tea.

  • Teas don’t only provide you with the right energy to start your day but also clears your body system of toxins, assists in food digestion.


What do you enjoy doing? Something you derive joy from, and can never get tired of?

  • Doing something you are passionate about helps reduces stress and boosts your self-esteem while earning from it.

  • If you don’t already have a hobby, you can find one you are good at and be on your way to achieving something great. As it is often said ‘you never abandon something you love’


We all have set goals and aspirations we want to meet up with in life, by but hey…  Are you grateful for the ones you already achieved?

  • Are you grateful for living another day for a chance to try again?

  • Keeping a grateful journal helps you realize how far you have come. You might not be where you wish to be in life but celebrate each day like it’s your best.

Try this out and you would be amazed at what you are grateful for.


Do not place unnecessary pressure on yourself to be perfect.

  • Try your best but do not be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes. The greatest people once made mistakes and they kept on trying.

  • You should see mistakes as a part of life .Everyone is prone to make them but how we choose to learn from it is what makes us different.

You can reset, re-adjust,refocus, restart as many times as you need to!


  • Never be in a haste to compare your life to others.

  • Work at your own pace, you are doing just fine.

  • With patience, you can achieve more productivity.

You can try this tool to help you stay mindful and calm:

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