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John Sawo- Koroma

John Sawo-Koroma is the founder of CraftyBee Fashion World. The CraftyBee Fashion World formerly known as JSK Designs was founded in the year 2014 as an enterprise that is engaged in producing different types of bags like ladies’ bags, computer holdings, side packs and backpacks using African fabrics mixed with some amount of synthetic leather materials to produce a beautiful blend of African and European design.

In 2020- John founder of Crafty Bee Fashion Design became the winner of EU CLIMATE CHANGE WEEK as shown in this video created by Insight Media and Communications for the Freetown Pitch Night.

Recently, due to the increase of plastic waste polluting our environments, CraftyBee Fashion world introduced a new bag to their collection; which is the 100% cotton fabric shopping bag. They hope this bag, will be become popular and as serve as a replacement to plastic bags. 

Crafty Bee’s Stellar innovation is the solar back pack!  

The Solar Back Pack

It comes super handy in rural areas and remote communities who do not have access to electricity. Especially for children who go to school with no access to electricity-  During the day, whilst the child walks to school,the backpack charges with a battery system powered by the sun- this is activated with a light bulb, that can be used to do school work at night.

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The enterprise has worked with a lot of other Non-Governmental Organizations like Music for Girls Initiative Africa (MFGIA) from 2017-2018, The Unforgotten Funds (UNFF) in 2018, Pleasant Children’s Foundation in 2018 and JNAP Ventures in 2019, Grafton Technical Vocational Institute and many more to help in National development. They are quite intent in collaborative processes such as training of girls and young kids at pre-school level in arts and crafts consistently as John and his team believes that this is a  great way to contribute towards creating the future that we want to see in Africa.

CraftyBee Fashion Designs is grateful for support received from Purposeful and the Funds for global human rights for their 6 months skills training activities since last year.

John’s desire is to see that CraftyBee Fashion World pioneers the establishment of a fashion design school that will help in training youths in the nation (emphasis will be placed on vulnerable youths in deprived communities).

It is also his vision to see the enterprise being among the best producers of backpacks for school kids as well as office workers in Mama Salone and beyond.

Support our #MCM in his quest to improve livelihoods and solve everyday problems:

Telephone: +23279827616/+2327682278


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