I was shocked to learn that the International Afro beat musical sensation; Adekunle Gold was born with the blood defect called Sickle cell anemia.  Recently, he raised a spotlight on this blood health issue. Gold mentioned he was born with sickle cell disease and it was tough and often painful experience. He also expressed that it was frustrating living with the disease because no one around him understood, how to help ease the pain or solve the debilitating crisis that comes with it.

Do you know, that bleeding or discharge in ladies with sickle cell is more severe and life threatening? It’s said that sickle cell disease cannot be corrected but patient with this disease can be helped immensely with herbs. Nature is wonderful in that there is an herb for every disease, even for sickle cell anemia.

How to reduce the level of crisis in sickle cell anemia?

As with most chronic disease such as diabetes, diet is the key to managing and treating this condition. Firstly, avoid processed food especially pork meat, even processed red meat like sausages. Next embrace fruits and eating plenty vegetables especially darker vegetables rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll are richly found in bitter herbs. For example, the bitter leaves and other alkaline herbs. Chlorophyll helps in the production of red blood. Another herb available to help sickle cell patient to build up their blood  to a level that crisis are far apart and mild include African Masai stinging nettle Regular use of this particular herb excludes blood transfusion and constant hospitalization. The simple act of building up the body with herbs like this by being consistent is a practical way of preventing ill-health.  Now this same herb is very beneficial for women with bleeding from hormone imbalance. It’s very common to see a herb that has up to seven or more medicinal properties.

Here is a simple African Alkaline herbal tea recipe, you can include in your lifestyle to manage any crisis or pain from this condition:

Get 3x large green (no brown patches / spot) leaves of the fruit tree another name for this tree is the umbrella tree. This is because the branches spreads like an umbrella to shade the front of many house.  

Next boil 300ml of drinking water, once boiled.  Thirdly, add 3 x fruit tree leaves to the boiled water.  Don’t forget to turn the heat down to very low. Then allow the leaves to simmer in the boiled water for 5minutes. Finally drink every morning and evening. Do not add any form of sweetener. From experience controlling the condition or suppressing it with daily tablets and injections, which have their side effects isn’t wise. Why learn to live with a painful condition.  Mother nature (Gaia) has gifted the land with this tree in abundance. Am sure it grows right in front of most home.

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Written by Rashidat Raji-Siwoku, MSc Pharma, Herb specialist and HACCP 1 & 2 certified.

Written by: Rashidat Raji

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  • Margaret Cassell

    The key to a healthy lifestyle living with Sickle Cell is knowing your triggers and avoiding them as much as you can, crisis are inevitable and however you manage it hits from the unknown 😉
    Of course we do age gracefully.

    • Oluwaseyi Raji

      Absolutely correct mojcassell,knowing your triggers and being proactive is the key. So glad you found it useful. Thank you for leaving a comment