It is quite common, as men get older the level of testosterone drops with age while other hormones like oestrogen go higher. Yes! men also have the oestrogen hormone in principle, but the oestrogen hormone in men  has a different role compared to woman. In men, oestrogen hormone must be balanced with testosterone to help control sex drive, the ability to have an erection even during masturbation , and the production of sperm.

Now both these hormones are important for the health of the prostrate. The prostrate is the same size as an African chestnut and it can be found right above the bladder. With the help of the hormones mentioned , it’s prostrate job is to secrete seminal fluid and cause orgasm which causes the semen ejaculation.  Once there is an imbalance in both these hormones level that’s when health concerns with the prostrate start. For instance in young men it is common for them to have a health condition called: prostatitis. This is a burning sensation of the prostrate, which cause frequent urination especially at night and blood in the sperm. While in older men, conditions such as benign prostrate hypertropy which is just another fancy language for overgrown or enlargement of the prostrate occurs.

Before western orthodox medicine came up with a name and cause of this prostrate enlargement or worse prostrate cancer, in traditional African medicine there are old remedies used to keep the prostrate healthy and happy.

Here are the Top 5 oldest traditional African  remedies for us to either avoid prostrate cancer/ prostatitis/ benign prostrate hypertrophy. Let’s begin with the countdown, starting from Number 5.

Number 5: Paw paw fruit and black seed, including the paw paw leaves has anti-cancer medicinal powers. One thing to remember is ,  the leaves must come from  the female paw paw tree. It is the female tree that bears the fruit while the male paw paw tree  produces the flower.

Number 4: Plantain root, often the simplest thing in nature are often the most potent remedies. the plantain root is used for many illness like  diabetes, kidney issue and prostatitis in young men. Click for full recipe visit.

Number 3:  Hydration , Drink at least four glasses of water after your your first morning visit to toilet to urinate.

Number 2:   Bitter Leaf is very useful for men who are over forty years old for managing the symptoms that come with Prostrate cancer. One of its symptoms is the difficult and painful urination and bitter leaf is very good for this. It helps increase the flow of using and reduce the pain and also help reduce the spread of the cancer cells into healthy cell.

Finally, the first oldest traditional African herb used for preventing and treating Prostrate cancer  is stinging nettle taken as either a tincture or as tea or capsules. You can have the tea with honey.

An enlarged prostrate is usually discovered via a rectal examination by doctor.  All men aged 40 should have an annual rectal examination. Early detection  greatly increases your chance  of a complete cure as well.

Remember bitter herbs are good for the body. They remind us that life is not always sweet, that life is not a bed of roses neither. That bitter and sweet known even in Chinese traditional medicine as yin and yang are essential elements of life.



Written by: Rashidat Raji

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