Children are our most valuable resource.– Herbert Hoover

Kiddies Gala is a special occasion for families and children of all ages. At this event, families get the opportunity to dress up royally and bond together. As adults we often struggle to find spaces and opportunities that provide edutainment for the entire family. Children are often left behind, when it comes to entertainment in Africa, especially events curated with pscycholgical, physical and social safety in mind. 

The event is designed to find solutions to the problems associated with an apparent lack of social skills and abilities in the new age generation of children(some may say due to the breakdown of traditional societal structures as we knew them). The gap in confidence building and issues around self esteem and awareness.

The Curators of this event both own instutions (Narnia Educational Group and Babies Props by Sonia) that cater for the needs of children with extensive joint expertise in Kids Edutainment and dealing with Early Childhood Development and Education as a bonus.©Kiddies Gala is licensed trademark

At the inaugral event, with the theme a Royal Banquet – parents as well as children were encouraged to play dress up in attires that represented power, glitz and glamour – Royalty. The gala had a mix of perfromances by children, a celebrity child artist – Leonus Di Genius, a little drummer boy (Wisdom Conteh) and an acrobactic display by Stage to Stage Marshalls. The event organisers incorporated culture by adding on a welcome traditional griot performance(as always, culture and the arts are a great awakening for young children).

There was special side activities and games for children, talent performances, food, and drinks on sale with pop – up stalls that catered to the family and lifestyle. 

The event was met with great enthusiam and support by the public! Supported by Africell SL, United Bank for Africa (UBA), Capitol Foods (Sierra juice), Metro Cable,  Shangri La  Event Center, Babies Props by Sonia and Narnia Educational Group.

The Event Curators are looking forward to hosting more events; Visit their Facebook Page for more information on upcoming activities.


Award Winners🪄

Names of best dress of Kings and Queens.

King formal- Numunkeh Kargbo


Queen formal- Misa Johnny

King Africana- Daniel Edwin

Queen Africana- Kadiruna Kai-Kai

Best dressed family formal- The Stephen Lamin Family

Best dressed family Africana- The Daniel Edwin Family, The family awards presenter- Madam Fatima Sesay

The coronation officer- Mrs. Sebay Koroma.

Crown guards:

Zara Thullah

Zarina Thullah

Awards Coordinator – Ms. Phebean Swill


Written by: arianadiaries

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