Narnia comprises of a daycare focused on caregiving and learning opportunities for the early ages; between three months and three years.This early childhood learning center is based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. They are positioned to create a lasting desire to explore learning opportunities for the children they cater to.



They believe that with the right care, love and affection backed with an access to educational opportunities post birth, the children of Sierra Leone can march into the future valiantly.

On a daily basis they implement practical approaches that encourage individuality, emotional intelligence and social awareness skills for both children and the caregivers.

They use early learning strategies, teaching resources based on a  traditional design that was developed by the founders and the principles of the NTC Learning System.

The NTC program is a program of activities designed to promote development of motor and cognitive abilities in pre-school and school aged children. Narnia represents NTC in Africa.

Since 2015, they developed Career Fridays designed to give the kids of Narnia a glimpse of everyday life and its career pathways.

The goal is to give  children a better understanding of what work means. Underlining the fact that anyone can be anything they want to be, as long as they do their best and enjoy what they do. It is aimed at sowing seeds of passion into different skill sets and awake the desire to be innovative.

They hope that this will help them aspire to follow careers that are built on resilience which will ultimately yield excellence in the future.


On career Fridays, team Narnia targets successful individuals from all works of life, fields and professions with particular emphasis on people who are passionate about what they do and are effecting change in our society.

Today was OPEN HOUSE,  and they gave us a chance peep into their  world . It was a great way to end the week as we watched them showcase their portfolios , brilliant minds, beautiful role plays, rhymes and fun.


Narnia hosts career Fridays every other week. This is a program that is unique to them. It introduces their clients to different fields, professions and careers. On such Fridays they invite a successful individual in a given field to spend time with the children. The guests describe their professions with illustrations,experiments, role play, art or movement.

This helps to educate  children about what work means and that we work in different fields.

Today was very exciting because it involved the parents , who did presentations with their children.


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