A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads only lives once

– George R. R. Martin


Growing up with a love for books, Nompumelelo Afrika Gcaba has lived many lives through the stories she read. Nowadays she fully embodies the above quote as her mantra for life . She leads a colourful life, wearing many hats as a writer, activist and feminist.  

Nompumelelo is a passionate speaker who has addressed thousands of audiences in different parts of Africa and has appeared on numerous programs including Television programs such as The BBC Africa News.

She is an avid activist for women and girls empowerment and was awarded in Sierra Leone for lending her voice in the Empowerment of Girls and Young women Summit in Africa 2017.

This young South African author has made a name for herself  as a published Author of four books namely Hidden Treasures of the Cross, Change Your Mind-set, Scars and The Manifestation of Your Glorious Destiny, they serve as a testament of her vision. 

And now- with her own publishing agency, Macher Afrika, an agency that allows self-publishing Authors to create high –quality books and seeks to be among leading publishing agencies in Africa. Nompumelelo continues to redefine and push boundaries in publishing spheres and beyond.

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We could find no better way to unveil Afrika’s stance on writing and life but through quotes. Here are 8 quotes showcasing, wisdom, talent and experience: 

1.A good writer must be a good reader: “My reading experience equates to this- when you read quality stories, you get to write quality books. It’s true that we write what we know.”

2.Be a good listener:“There are so many things you can process if you stop and listen to other people. This quality works wonders if you are a fictional writer.  The person talking to you could be your next character in your next book.”

3.Travel:“Meeting new people and connecting with them has shifted my perception of the world and of myself.  Realising that one encounter can change the course of our lives. This is what drives me to keep searching for new adventures. I’m addicted to the possibilities of who I’ll meet and where, how they’ll change me, and me them.”

4.Cultivate the passion in whatever you do: “My passion in the line of work I do has determined my motivation levels.  This in turn feeds into the levels of energy I have each day, to develop myself and my plans  further.”

5.Work towards and finding your AHA moment: “I am on a mission to refine the talent of others, and also give back to the industry that has given me so much. I am taking talented writers under my wings and I help them to create their own lane.  Perfect their own craft!. This is an AHA moment for me, it reveals my purpose in life. It is teaching me that the essence of living is to be in service to humanity.”

6:Be the master of your own story: “For so long Africa has been narrated as a continent of wars, child malnutrition and of famine.  Africa should be narrated to the world like this: Africa is developing. We  are set to Rebrand Africa as a hub of opportunities and of happy people.”

7.Branch out and become your own business: “I have taken on a role of being a full time publisher. Recently we completed a book for one of our clients. We were very satisfied at the reaction of the client when the book was revealed.  Joy flooded the client’s face! My words  fail me, each time I try to describe it fully.”

8.See each day as a gift: “What I choose to do today is important because I have exchanged a day in my  life for it . I would gladly exchange pain, disappointment and hurt For freedom and happiness because I know I deserve that.”

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