Can you guess the one thing that entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, adventurers, social innovators, advocates and young people have in common?

Let me try, they have zero patience for things that waste time and yield zero outcomes. These groups of people are bent on: utilizing their time and resources wisely. That involves how and when they spend money. I am convinced that our readers have discovered the power of money, spending wisely, budgeting well and investing on the things that make them feel comfortable. If you have, it’s time to improve on it or you haven’t, now is the best time to start, by choosing the UBA Prepaid card. It is a pre-funded and reloadable card that can be used to pay bills and make purchases- this card is unlinked to your normal savings or current account(s). 


Meet Nyavaah- Mother and wife, the clock never stops for her. She tries to tick all of the right boxes by cooking delicious food for the family which requires a lot of grocery shopping! Today, she strolled into a main supermarket in Freetown and was able to pay via the Point of Sale (POS) Terminal for all of her purchases, that’s minus one trip to the bank. No more waiting in the queue, she has spread the news on to her husband, who will be paying for Netflix with his UBA Prepaid card.


Professional men and women who love to network over food, no longer need to carry loads of cash for a yummy spread at a fancy restaurant around town! Life made simple, eat all you can and let the UBA Prepaid card do the hard work of sorting the bill. This applies for nearly all of the major restaurants in town, if your favourite restaurant does not have a point of sale, do encourage them to contact UBA Sierra Leone. They must level up and go cashless.

It was fun, catching up with this bunch – after the outing, they went straight into sorting out serious stuff online –  paying for their next personal development course within minutes. No one must be left behind educating and empowering themselves in the 21st Century.

Today I will stop at Scenario 2, I hope your mind has been watered enough to join in the adventure of going cashless…

Get a UBA Prepaid Card today, make a purchase or bills payment anywhere you are. Sort out your everyday purchases, (online payments with your prepaid card) withdrawals and payments at Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets and Stores. Available in all our Eight (8) UBA Branches, in Bo, Makeni and in Freetown, we have branches at the following locations: Charlotte Street, Adelaide Street, College Road Cline Town, Kissy Road and Lumley.

The UBA Prepaid Card is a pre-funded and re-loadable card that can be used to pay bills and make online purchases and withdrawals on ATMs across the world.

#UBACares, We have Amazing features that will serve you 24/7:
1. A budget card for managing funds
2. An expense card for managing expenses
3. A safe and secure card for web transactions
4. Works on ATM and POS…

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