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If you are thinking of someone to host, organize or to just be your M.C. at your event, you just don’t have to worry! Ariana is just the perfect choice. She has the skills, the right topics for discussions and for laughs that would keep your guests entertained. One thing about her, is that she tries to understand and get a fair knowledge of her audience. Ariana makes you worry less about planning and coordinating as she is all in one. She makes sure that she is part of everything leading towards the event (like oh if this goes bad it rubs off on me too and if it goes well, we all get the gratification).

She does research and not just put her confidence in saying “yeah, I do have the skills” but goes in search of information that would be useful to the audience.

Ariana was very critical to the success of our event, as speakers’ coach.

– She was fully engaged with the project from the start to finish.

– She was regular and punctual at all our rehearsals and at the event.

– On many occasions Ariana used her initiative to cover up areas missed out by the organisers during rehearsals.

– Ariana brought in creativity and a good sense of humour to captivate her coachees at all time.

– She provided very useful feedback at the end of every rehearsal session.

All of the speakers were pleased to have her as Coach, and all have positive feedback on her role.

Last but not the least, Ariana brought  in so much positive energy right through  her engagement with TEDxKingtom.

TEDXKingtom organizing Team

Saffie Barrie Akam

Ariana Diaries gave me a lot of exposure and confidence helping me to realise that I am on the right track. It has also given me new connections; I attended the women’s entrepreneurs pitch night on 13/11/2018 and I was featured on one of the health programs of BBC Media action through that platform.
I am extremely thankful for the opportunity and the platform you gave me.

I recently started working for an IT & Telephony company in the UK. With a Masters in Petroleum Engineering, I struggled with my thoughts and feelings towards job. The path I took with regards to my education was highly influenced by the thoughts of moving back home in the future. After about a month of being at my new job, i struggled to find motivation for learning a complete new topic. So i started to do some research as to where IT could take me and the impact I could have in Sierra Leone. That’s when I came across the blog: Ariana Diaries and her article introducing the Tech women in SL. This was great because I got to see people like Sebay who studied what I did, Marian Conteh who is doing what I’m doing now. This caused a huge shift for me mentally, I see myself doing work for my country in the future along these lines

Simche Bailor

Salwa Campbell

Every day is a day of thanksgiving for various reasons, but today I choose to acknowledge one fine, brilliant and exceptional woman who is always supportive and down to earth. A couple of years back we indirectly worked together… oh how I was always thrilled by her lovely smiles. Years later, here we are in the business world but in different domains. I admire her hard work from afar because she’s been changing the dynamics of parenting and impacting the lives of Sierra Leoneans. I respect her because she is fascinating and always wants to see the best come out of people.
About 2 months ago, while we were planning the NEF Africa Science Week, I was extremely worried that we barely have about nine days to the Science week and have not identified someone who would MC the Science Conference and the Science Dinner. I needed a fine personality that could make the events quite interesting but relaxing and remarkable too. So I prayed that night on 26th Sep 2018, “Lord, send me a woman that fits these descriptions…” It was astonishing how this woman of excellent spirit just dropped a WhatsApp message the following morning “How can I help you with the conference? You know my skills…” she said.  She brightened up my day and it was marvelous hearing from her.
Ariana Oluwole, you are one of a kind. I cannot describe enough how supportive you have been to me, directly and indirectly from far and near. These days a lot of people claim to support their fellow women, but you my dear, do so with authenticity. You contributed greatly in making the ASW a successful one, every word you said was worthy and the feedbacks about you were great. I am not surprised though how far you have come and where God is taking you. Continue to be the PowerWoman you are, continue to be charismatic and keep on impacting lives worldwide.
Thank you for your relentless effort in making #SierraLeone a wonderful place to be. Thank you and bless you

When I took over leadership of my organisation, I wanted to get my team together and was looking for someone with top-notch facilitation skills for our team building exercise. Then came Ariana. Her facilitation skills are second to none; she is creative and passionate, and above all a motivational speaker. Ariana left my team motivated, energised, with a renewed commitment to the ideals of the organisation.

Foday Bassie Swaray

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