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During this coaching experience; you will:

  • Gain self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Understand and recognize your feelings.
  • Become an excellent communicator.
  • Embrace the art of public-speaking.
  • Improve your decision-making skills.
  • Create your own blue print for the life that you desire.

Program consists of 3 Live 1 hour engagements, videos and worksheets.

Investment – Le 5,000,000 | $ 200

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Teambuilding Training & Coaching Sessions

To manifest a happier and more constructive world. We need leaders and entrepreneurs who yield productivity and results by working creatively, mastering emotional intelligence while communicating and engaging mindfully with teams to produce better outcomes. We customise our sessions or training to meet or match your varing needs:

  • Grows confidence in entrepreneurs, founders and team leaders.
  • It helps make great managers with good people skills.
  • Enhances employees analytical sense.
  • Great for team bonding and cohesiveness
  • Creates a happier environment with less stress.

Large Group Rates available, Let’s Talk. We’re open to working online and in person.

Investment starts at- Le 20,000,000 | $1000 for Teams with 1-9 people

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Assertiveness Training for Parents

1:1 Assertiveness training for families helps you understand intentional and positive parenting.
3 Hours Live- Online Session:

  • Discover the values of becoming an assertive parent
  • Improved communication style with your children and how efficiently to help them when they have problems
  • Build high self-esteem and self-confidence in the early years
  • Help your kids to stand up for themselves and their rights in a socially acceptable Way
  • Building a tolerance for inconvenience and Learn Positive Disciplining Methods

Investment: Le 2,000,000 |$100

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Public Speaking online/offline

Are you looking for a host with a classy act who will manage your event or celebration without glitches? Let’s talk. We’re here to make your event memorable.

We also enjoy giving motivational speeches to groups that need inspiration, youth and people with emotional- social issues.

We give inspiring talks that’s knowledge based with tools for implementation to teams on topics such as:

  • Social Entrepreneurship and Transformational Leadership
  • Courage and Resilience
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management
  • Personal Development and Growth

To have Ariana speak at your next event and add value to your organization and life, please complete the form below.

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Facilitation Services

We facilitate workshops, trainings and meetings to help meet your desired outcomes.

Our aim is to improve the efficiency of your ‘meeting’.

This will allow your entire team to participate in trainings; and allows the leaders to be more focused on achieving meeting goals.

It gives companies and organisations time together, which helps in pushing the group towards better interactions.

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Content Writing Services

  • Press Release Writing (400-500 words) Le 1,000,000| $50
  • Article Writing (400-500 words) Le 900,000 | $45
  • Newsletter Writing Services (400-500 words) Le 700,000| $35

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Content Creation Services (Special Offer)

  • Exclusive Feature starts at Le 2,500|$120
  • Pre/Post Event Blogpost starts at Le 2,000 | $100
  • Brand Story | Shine Your Light packages start at Le 1,500,000| $80

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  • Social Media Handles starts at Le 900,000 | $ 45
  • Adverts on the Blog starts at Le 2,000,000 | $ 100

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