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Available for one on one coaching, tailored to suit your personal development or career needs. Group coaching is also provided. We’re specialized in assertiveness rights coaching which helps with confidence building, communication, team building, resilience, decision making tools and public speaking. It helps make great managers, entrepreneurs with good negotiation skills and employees who are better doers, less stressed with a heightened analytical sense. We’re open to working online and in person.

We work with children, pre-teens,teenagers and young adults to manage issues with identity, stress and coping with change.

Are you looking for a host with a classy act who will manage your event or party without glitches? Let’s talk. We’re here to make your event memorable. We also enjoy giving motivational speeches to groups that need inspiration, youth and people with emotional- social issues.



We facilitate workshops, trainings and meetings to help meet your desired outcomes. Our aim is to improve the efficiency of your ‘meeting ’. This will allow your entire team to participate in trainings; this allows leaders to be more focused on achieving meeting goals. It gives companies and organisations time together, which helps in pushing the group towards better interactions.

We can use the right words to build your image, raise your profile and sell your story to the world.

We can help build your website, write a blog on your services or products , create content around your idea, this will help you connect with the right audience and market efficiently.