It’s not every day that you meet with someone who brings out your good, ugly and funny personas. Basita has a weird way of doing exactly that. She is a boss lady who knows how to live her truth unapologetically, making friends and foes along the way.

Maybe by virtue of her profession or her innate nature, Basita is passionate about getting things done properly.

Dare to be different

Often the subject of debate and controversy for her contrary opinions on topics surrounding social, economic and political issues. She makes no effort to go with the flow of events and does not shy away from criticism.

Basita has grown to be an exemplary thought leader in Sierra Leone.

She dares to be different and has succeeded to take the road less travelled by vying for and winning the elections as President for the Sierra Leone Bar Association 2018.

In her campaign message she called for a Bar that should be autonomous, apolitical and vocal. She said her primary platform would be towards creating a Bar that is united, credible, neutral and independent. I believe in her vision for Sierra Leone’s justice sector and I am hopeful that it galvanizes a strong sense of patriotism.


Do your work in silence

 This is her mantra! I am quite certain that, she is going to hate me for blogging about her.

As a lecturer of international criminal law at The University of Sierra Leone and lead partner (barrister & solicitor) for Michael and Michael and founder and owner of Sierraeye her focus has been ‘getting work done properly’

It’s never about the pomp and ceremony. It’s always the results, how do you get the message out to implement change. Who will be affected by this change and how will that change the context of how things are been done. How would it improve the lives of the people in Sierra Leone? As the coordinator of one of her projects, The Sierraeye Debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1cwPP-cvaA , I have grown to be focused on working hard in silence. This practice has led to me to becoming more efficient in my delivery skills and project management.

Never ever give up

Working in Sierra Leone requires lots of strength and resilience. Building from bottom up does not have a blue print, rather it requires an enabling environment all of which we do not entirely possess as a developing nation.

It is therefore rare to see one who has been able to sustain ideas from inception to execution, while keeping it buoyant and beneficial to growth and development. Thankfully this is exactly what Basita has done.

Since the maiden edition of Sierraeye magazine launched in 2006. It has grown a reputation of providing a well-rounded reading experience that provides an apolitical, unbiased view to issues and events across Sierra Leone.

Recently this platform has birthed debates that have sparked interest in reviving the need for discourse and promoting democracy through dialogue and engagement.

Learn more about the magazine on: https://sierraeyemagazine.wordpress.com/

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Written by: arianadiaries

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