The entertainment Industry in Africa has transformed many lives, discovering hidden potential and unveiling stars. Mrs. Rita Ukhuegbe (Née)Wright’s success is a classic display of hard work and  entrepreneurship.

Her love for entertainment led her to work as a journalist and a news caster at the ABC television, Talking Drums Studio in Sierra Leone and UNMIL Radio in Liberia.

Her career was launched in 2010 when she went to Nigeria to represent Sierra Leone on a reality tv show ‘Next Movie Star’; she made it as a top finalist and got year’s movie contract in Nigeria. She was featured in Nollywood movies and soap operas shown on Lagos Television.

When her contract ended she decided to switch from being a star to making other stars shine!

She took the makeup industry by storm and in 2015 became the first Sierra Leonean to bring professional Makeup Training Artistry to Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Rita has successfully propelled ‘ArtofGoldbyRiri’ in both Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

It is now one of the biggest Makeup Studio’s with an in- house training center, empowering young people with profitable skills.

Her most recent venture is leading Just Furnitures Nigeria Limited a fast-rising Furniture and interior Décor Company.

We went behind the glitz and glamour to see how she has battled entrepreneurship.

ARIANA DIARIES: Describe your companies using words?

Rita Ukhuegbe:  Innovative, Purpose Driven, Talented, Affordable, Durable and Elegant


ARIANA DIARIES: What innovative solution(s) are you bringing to your industry?

Rita Ukhuegbe: The innovative solution that I bring to the beauty industry, is letting young people know that, you don’t have to be a drop out to be skilled. You can become an entrepreneur through the beauty industry and look great, classy and build your confidence through makeup.

We are about changing the mindset around the furniture and interior design business from been only a thing of indulgence to an affordable lifestyle that is classy, elegant and durable. This will provide solutions for individuals, offices and families.

ARIANA DIARIES:  Describe how you felt when you had your first paying customer?

Rita Ukhuegbe: I felt assured, it was like a confirmation that I was on the right path!

ARIANA DIARIES: What do you think is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs in Africa and why?

Rita Ukhuegbe: I think one of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs face in Africa is the ability to stay relevant and consistent. The reason being that customer demands change often and as entrepreneurs in Africa we have a lot of limitations, which hinder our ability to reinvent ourselves to track those changes in the market.


ARIANA DIARIES: How do you define business success?

Rita Ukhuegbe:  Business success is the process of transforming one person’s idea to make it acceptable to other people. If this is replicated in multiple communities it provides satisfaction and rewards for all.


ARIANA DIARIES: If you were to start all over again, what will be your first priority in terms of set up?

Rita Ukhuegbe: I’ll try to build a strong internet and online website and sales presence.

ARIANA DIARIES: What are your future plans and aspirations for your company?

Rita Ukhuegbe: My future plan is to build a brand that reaches out to all of Africa; letting every young person know, that you can fend for yourself. Building a community  that supports entrepreneurship where everyone can create their own niche in whatever industry.

Selling the idea that you can be a degree holder and still learn a skill. Skills training is not just for drop outs.

Written by: arianadiaries

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