Lissom dream is the name of the brand I created and it is a custom cut-and-sew clothing line for young girls ranging from babyhood to age ten.

Growing up as a kid and reading fairy tales throughout my childhood, I used to dream of being a princess. I loved to dress up in princess outfits and my mom always made that possible. I can still remember my mom bringing me the loveliest of dresses whenever she traveled out of town. I remember being the centre of attention at church, school events and birthday parties . I was deeply admired.

Every little girl wants to be a princess and making those dreams come true is something that I want to do. By making every girl feel like a princess, I feel like I am giving them a piece of my childhood. This is the joy and glee that comes from the LISSOM DREAM .

My major focus for the brand now is to put together unique pieces for special occasions like newborn photo sessions, birthdays, weddings, christenings/baptisms, first holy communions, graduations or other important functions, that our clients may have . I want to complement dresses and tutus with gorgeous headpieces like hair bows, headbands, fascinators, minnie mouse ears, unicorn horns etc.

My business model  enables me to build my own clothing line from scratch. I do everything from designing, manufacturing, communicating with clients and shipping orders. It gives me so much fulfillment.


I thrive in creative zones. I have never been a fan of doing things the conventional way, especially with artistic ideas. Back in secondary school, there were times my friends would seek my help in finishing their art projects or help design their Valentine’s Day cards. That made me feel like a queen and it awakened my desire to become a fashion designer.

But since there were no fashion schools in Sierra Leone at that time, I studied Mass Communication and after university, while waiting to secure a job, I got into acting and also became a costumier for the production house I was working for.

I would later find myself making accessories like necklaces, earrings and bracelets for myself, friends and family. I would revamp my old shoes and purses, wrapping them with Ankara fabric to give them a new look,without having to spend more money in buying new ones.

My wedding triggered my pursuit of  design into action. We were having a ‘wedding on a tight budget’ so I took care of the bridal accessories. I made the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, flower girl baskets, the groom and groomsmen boutonnieres. Since then I have been making bridal accessories for friends and family.

My love for fashion kept nudging me persistently.  After the birth of my two girls, I was constantly hunting for dresses and accessories. I would go to stores to buy them outfits and would end up changing the entire styles of the dresses. So I decided that I will start making clothes for them instead. My personal struggle resonated with a lot of other parents, I wanted to help other others and meet every little girl’s dream of being a princess. And so I combined the names of my two girls Lilly haven and Blossom birthing Lissom Dream. I am elated to be in the process of creating a fashion hub that housed all of my excesses


The goal is not just to make little girls feel like princesses but to actually turn them into princesses. A Princess is someone who has the right self-esteem and confidence and at the end of the day, you are what you wear. So if they are going to dress up like a princess, I want them to actually embody the characteristics of one.

While making little princesses, we are also making queens. Because  I feel that most little girls are a reflection of their mothers. Mothers put a lot of effort into making their little girls look cute and pretty.

So if a mother can go above and beyond for her child to look like a princess, it would be only fair enough for me to make her feel like a queen . Lissom Dream does that by giving her value for the money spent and gives her that satisfaction that it was money spent well.


Considering how fast they grow, children need clothes, and lots of it too. Shopping for children clothes can be very overwhelming because there are lots of styles and options out there and there are certain things customers need to look out for in trying to identify a good Children’s clothing brand:

1. High-quality Fabric – because children are very active and they need relatively durable clothing. At the same time, durable clothing doesn’t have to be expensive. High-quality fabric should be thick and not overly transparent.

2. Soft Fabric – Itchy or rough clothing can be very uncomfortable for children. Babies and toddlers have extra sensitive skin so the best fabric for them is cotton because it is soft and breathable. Best of all it doesn’t itch the skin. When buying tutus or clothing made from tulle, it needs to be soft or lined with cotton.

3. Check Seams – Some signs of poorly made clothing item are loose stitches and poorly finished seams. Clothing with such flaws probably won’t last long especially after a few wears and washing. It is always wise to check if seams are tight and stitches are in place.

4. Avoid designs that can irritate the skin – look out for appliques, sequins and other designs that might rub or irritate the skin. They might look pretty but are not very practical if the cause discomfort

5. Avoid clothing with fringes or strings – These types of clothing are a big NO, because they are strangulation hazards for toddlers and infants

6. Avoid clothing with loose buttons – This is an indication that the clothing is probably not good quality and can be choking hazards for young children.


I’ll honestly say it all depends on the occasion, what the parent/guardian is looking for but most importantly how comfortable the style is for the child and also keeping the weather in mind. Getting kids dressed up  can  be a challenging task. Some kids will simply accept what you put on them with no hassle, while others will out rightly reject whatever you choose for them. Some are shy and reserved and others love to get funky. So I’ll say the ideal fashion style for a child depends on the mood/temperament of the child and also the occasion.
For home and play, give them the basics like shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses that are meant for daily wear. For Church or formal events, they can have dressy dresses, dress shirts, pants, hair bows, bow ties, suspenders, etc. For going to places like the mall, library, grocery store, they can stick with the casuals like denim, T-Shirts, blouses sneakers etc. and for places like the pool and waterparks, swimsuits of course.

My one luxury item that should be a must have for every child is a  formal attire. Dressy dresses or princess dresses for girls and tuxedos for boys.


Have these tips being useful? Which one has worked well for you? Do you have assertive children who love playing dress up? Share your memories here!

Written by: arianadiaries

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