Companies can do more than just make money, they can serve others. Marc Benioff , Chairman & CEO, Salesforce

What do companies small, medium and large have in common? The urge to be involved in building and supporting their communities. Business owners and entrepreneurs are expected to GIVE much more than goods, products and services. This is what SOCIETY expects, this is what makes customers feel loyal and on other occasions appreciated.

In the past, organisations made donations and took up other responsibilities to  fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Nowadays most small businesses are focused on giveaways to achieve the same thing: make customers feel special. It’s so beautiful to see companies include CSR in their business plans. Giveaways have become the new cool, presenting itself in different forms- contests, lotteries and brand promotions. While some may say it’s a great marketing strategy, we want to appreciate the efforts behind giving back.

Most people are carving their resolutions and others have already started breaking their commitments, if you must add anything to enhance your lifestyle change let it be GIVING BACK to society. We will highlight one small business in Sierra Leone that’s doing extremely well in this area.


In 2013, Nali Spa was born out of a need to create a holistic lifestyle for people who desire to lead mindful lives. It is a collaboration between two young women(Nada Mackie and Liza Antar), who are conscious about the benefits of self-care and nurturing ones mind, body and spirit. They priotise customer comfort, ensuring that their clients leave fulfilled and feeling blissful. Nali Spa is known for it’s good quality products, great cosmetic brands and high-end luxury treatments.

Liza one of the owners said that at Nali Spa they believe every woman and man deserves to be pampered. She said the best path to wellness is SELF CARE.

They are known for their philanthropy, sponsoring seasonal events, supporting good causes (such as breast cancer) and the needs of disadvantaged people and communities.

Giving back is what makes this small business stand out, and this might be the secret to you making headway in your enterprise. Perhaps what makes it all the more interesting is their approach in giving as a COLLECTIVE. When their is a need they reach out to other companies and friends, the goal is not to own the act but to solve the problem!

Nali Spa is made up of a diverse and sophisticated team of local and international specialists including: Nadine,Pinky,Valeria,Abed, Zahra, Elsie, Lindi, Ali, Papi and Mohamed. Together, Since inception, they have been delivering exceptional relaxation and beauty services to their clients in Freetown-many of whom are now part of the Nali Spa family.

Nali Spa giveaways are set with intent to collaborate with other SME’s who desire to put their clients first, Liza says that ‘as Sierra Leoneans first, it is a pleasure for them to collaborate with other local businesses. If not, who then do we expect to make the positive changes in the business landscape that we so desire’.

Last Christmas/ New Year’s  giveaway was perharps their biggest yet!  In fact this was what brought our attention to their modus operandi. An intriguing business style- Take a look at the amazing set of goodies that was contributed by different companies. What a fantastic way to collaborate as businesses, we are so very proud of them all:

  • Vouchers By NaLi Spa
  • 3 Unlimited Internet 4G Routers.
  • 2 Facials By Elite Beauty Spa.
  • Gold Necklace By NaLi Spa.
  • 1 Night Stay At The Pearl Hotel.
  • Gifts By Gift Box.
  • Gift Hamper By Home Living.
  • Gift Hamper By Toya’s Creation.
  • 1 Month Membership By Core fitness.
  • Vouchers from The Country Lodge Hotel.
  •  Gift Hamper by Ori.
  •  Outfit by Madam Wokkie.
  • Fabric from Fabrics 4 You.
  • Melody Gifts
  • Groceries from M.A. Reda
  • Gifts from Colisee Store

As we push with our business goals, dreams and aspirations, it will be nice to examine this business of giving a little further, how has it helped other entrepreneurs and CEO’s else where? An awesome example to start with is an organization brought together by different companies with one goal: to give!

They do not wait until they become multi- million dollar business empires , they start from where they are; because they know the law of giving!

Pledge 1 % is a global on-line movement that encourages and empowers companies of all sizes and stages to do just that.

The founders of Pledge 1% believe that all companies have the capacity to give; it just takes the knowledge and flexibility to decide what way best suits a company’s values, culture, business goals and stage of development.

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. Anthony Robbins

Some cool reasons why your start-up/ small business must be giving back:

  • It helps with Brand Visibility – truth is it connects you with your people and community. Let’s say you supporting some children in your community by helping with their school supplies or you are bringing in specialists to attend to the health needs of aged. Whichever way its designed, people start viewing your company with love and respect, that’s a connection!

  • It broadens your network– Especially in the developing world, meeting with skilled people is rare, we have few job centers/ fairs. During volunteering, giving sprees and community engagements- Companies get the rare chance to engage with their customers  and potential vendors. You might even find companies with similar interests that could lead to consortiums and collaborations for the future.

  • It improves your company health – Did you know that? When we give and receive gifts, good wishes or the like, our bodies release a chemical called OXYTOCIN. Therefore, you are doing a great world of good for yourself and the people that work with you when you give back to your customers and society.  Humans are social animals, so it is no surprise that we are wired to help one another. In our complex modern society, there are many ways to give and the good news is that we now understand that both the giver and receiver benefit from the relationship. Neuroscience has demonstrated that giving is a powerful pathway for creating more personal joy and improving overall health.

  • You Become an Industry Leader – Yes, think again! Make a list of the companies that you know in your community, country and world. What do they have in common? They are known for how they impact lives and support people, why? because they take the lead- example: in conducting research to enable better systems for their consumers, they give back a lot. When they see a cause that needs a push or a community that needs help—they take the lead.

  • It Build’s Your Social Media Following – Despite it’s misuse and damning consequences to our mental health, we cannot ignore the huge role social media plays in our daily lives. Most companies who give back do it openly to attract public interest, involvement and ownership. We know that we all have varying opinions to giving openly and or in secret. While this can be interpreted differently by people, we cannot deny that seeing someone give, generates interest  and inspires other people to do the same. When this is shared on Social media it builds up a strong following.


Have you been encouraged to add giving back to one of your resolutions for 2020? Give a shout- out to organisations who are giving back, for we are telling powerful stories to inspire positive change!


Written by: arianadiaries

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