Learning is a continous process, it’s a concept that we must be open to embrace. In my quest for  knowledge, I was blessed to cross paths with an emerging global icon and leader- Tania Tome. Tania wears many hats graciously as a multi-faceted international award winner , leadership coach, economist, entrepreneur, TV personality and author. Her most recently released book Succernergy- Activate your energy, discover your success inside you is a tool to empower people, entrepreneurs and leaders. It has been launched in many countries inculding my beautiful country- Sierra Leone.

In March 2020, I was privileged to collaborate with Women Mean Business in launching Vision 2030 : A Vision and goal setting retreat for female entrepreneurs and leaders. We were honoured to have Tania as our keynote speaker and lead facilitator. Little did we know that will be the last of events, before the world, flights and events shutdown to be rebirth in a new space  – digital platforms. In these changing times , we must be strategic in adjusting ourselves, careers and businesses for optimum growth and productivity.

To achieve this, we  may need access to transformational leaders that can serve as models of how we can all lead through change. We interviewed Ms. Tome to share her insights on leading through trying and uncertain times.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your journey as a leadership coach and public speaker?

“My purpose and passion is to empower people and companies to be their best and achieve their maximum potential.”

I’ve been working for more than 15 years as a public speaker and coach in many different countries. As chairwoman of Ecokaya, I became a sought-after international coach and motivational speaker. Who went on to develop an inspirational method and concept called ‘Succenergy’ to empower people, entrepreneurs, and leaders. The technique is used in various trainings, coaching, workshops, and lectures presented by my company to companies and public and private organizations in several countries, such as Uganda, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Rwanda, USA, Swaziland, and Mozambique, among others.

To date, more than five million people have enjoyed the warmth, motivation, and transformational influence of our business, personal development events, lectures, coaching sessions, television and radio programs and appearances, books, and public affairs. As a result of my work recently, I was honored as one of the “100 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD – New York) Under 40 in the World.”

Tell us about that one incident, that created a life-changing moment for you?

The one challenge that created a life-changing experience for me was when I was four years old, and I began living without my mother. Then, I suffered a lot. I cried endlessly for days and days. Like any child, I craved for a mother’s love and affection. Like any child, I had an umbilical connection to a womb that gave birth to me. And after that, I said to myself: I accept what is around me. It should not be a model for my actions and attitudes, but a world within me which leads me to change. Interestingly that was precisely the birth of  Succenergy. Life’s opening obstacle, my first big challenge began opening my eyes to my “inner self”,  the why behind “me”. What you would now call your Life’s purpose.

What led you into writing and inspired your book ‘SUCCERNERGY’?

Since knowing myself as a person, I’ve always tried to follow my passion. Throughout my life, my mission has been : empowering people, entrepreneurs, and leaders to achieve and reach their full potential and be their best version.

I decided to write this book because I believe that all people have talent and success within them. What they need is to learn principles, rules, and practices to make them emerge. I wrote this book to share my learning as an economist, entrepreneur, and coach, and to share what I have learned from courses I’ve been teaching for a lifetime, especially spirituality.

This book is primarily about sharing all knowledge of the school of life, facing challenges and obstacles. It’s an experience book, a long talk with the readers that I hope never ends.

What do you think is the most crucial trait(s) for leaders going through changing times?

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single specific feature, so this question is complicated. But what I think is pertinent to share is that we need effective leaders in leadership positions. And these leaders need to have in common the power to inspire, influence, and be an example so that other people can be motivated and mobilized to act in a certain way.

In difficult times, the need to be united is more emphasized. Therefore the characteristic of being an excellent, charismatic communicator who transmits knowledge and wants to impact society positively are crucial elements.

How do you juggle portfolio careers and having multifaceted tasks? What’s your approach to balancing work ?

Having multifaceted tasks requires making an appropriate task management. This implies not only organization but personal discipline and also adequate management of  routines. All of this is to help us be aware of our priorities and the hours we should spend or invest in them.

I divide the hours to match each important sphere of my life, including the actors/stakeholders who are part of it. Then I try to follow precisely the hours necessary for each and every sphere. So my availability is more powerful than the time I have, and that exists for my needs. You should try doing this today, it will help you synergise your work, life and balance.


What is your note to self as a leader during such changing times (Like COVID-19)?

I wrote an extensive article about COVID on LinkedIn. However, my perspective is that we are already leaving on economic crises.  Let’s take me as an example, I am a leader but also an entrepreneur, and all my contracts have been canceled in 2020. However, fortunately, I have been making a proper management of my finances, created savings accounts that provides me much needed relief . But many entrepreneurs in our countries survive through daily income, and, for them, these are challenging times.

To a leader ready to adapt to these changing times, I would give these nuggets of wisdom:

  • First: is to learn how to save money and do your economies management.

  • Second, is to lead by example following the World Health Organization requests to face Covid19, but also being a great disseminator of that rules to influence and mobilize others to follow too.

  • Third, to be alert from new technologies and search from innovative solutions that can impact our societies.

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