Eunice Naffie Mustapha is the Owner and Editor of Nafisa Magazine, which is an online writing platform that provides jobs for young female writers. Last Friday, Naffie launched ‘Girlz Planete’ a book that tackles teenage pregnancy, often frowned upon and mostly framed as a taboo subject in Africa.

She believes in educating and entertaining people at the same time.

Here are 7 intriguing things that you must know about Sierra Leone’s newest author. They will not only inspire you but will make you take some positive action, like buying her book. Let’s go:

1. At 22, this transformational female leader has been able to set goals and accomplish them while inspiring other people young and old to do the same. She fell in love with writing as a little girl. Eunice loves writing articles, short stories, poems etc.

2. She is a public speaker; quite popular for her speeches during the Students’ Union Presidential Election in 2019 at Fourah Bay College, as she was the only female contestant.

3. As a young advocate, she observed that the advocacy around teenage pregnancy was mostly too formal. So she thought of using her creative skills to make it both educative and entertaining. She believes that everyone has a responsibility to join the fight in curtailing societal vices.

4. She is the founder of  Emerald Leadership Initiative African Network (ELI AFRICA), popular for its weekly online discussions, and Strong Girls Evolution, which promotes personal development and networking among young female Sierra Leoneans.

5. Eunice believes in service. She also believes in hard work, as she uses her writing skills to earn and she also motivates other young ladies to do the same. It will be worthy to note that her leadership pursuits started early on as the former Head Girl of The Annie Walsh Memorial School ( Class of 2016).

6. Creativity at its best. Naffie has been writing since she could assemble meaningful words together. As a little girl, she walked around with a notepad where she wrote quite a few interesting stories.

7. How She finds time, is a mystery – because Eunice is a final year law student at FBC. How amazing can it get?

These days she writes articles, short stories, poems and runs a freelance writing agency- Nafisa Magazine. Nafisa Magazine provides written content for organizations and businesses  They also manage social media pages. Nafisa Magazine is made up of young female writers. 

Buy Naffie’s book on amazon

 Purchase a hard copy via telephone: +23275172056

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