Puberty is the stage in someone’s life when their body starts to become physically mature. The puberty community service event is held yearly by the Power Women 232.

PW232 is a network that brings professional women and entrepreneurs together to promote career advancement and development in all fields, through networking, leadership development, social events and community projects.

The PW232 PUBERTY PARTY 2022: Brunch Edition was held on Saturday 11th June, at the prestigious Freetown City Council Complex, Freetown –  to educate girls and boys who have reached puberty and are now matured enough to understand the responsibilities that comes with their body and their duties towards family and the society.

In her welcome statement, the president of PowerWomen 232 – Ms. Ajara Bomah was very grateful for the parent involvement and this year’s anonymous sponsor of the project.

The event provides a safe space for an intensive conversation/ instruction on important topic areas like sex, growth of pubic hair, the anatomy of the body, deepening of the voice, breast development, enlargement of the testicles/ penis and basic hygiene.  

The targeted audience for the event was adolescents and parents. The group hosted about 45 kids and 25 parents. It was curated as a two part event taking place simultaneously:

  1. The purpose was to educate both the adolescents and their parents on several topics to be able to create a platform for them to engage each other on these uncomfortable conversations:

  2. Empower the parents to feel like experts when talking to their child about puberty and teach them several techniques to use when talking to their child. 

The highlights of the PW232 Puberty Party 2022- Brunch Edition included a workshop for parents, with an interactive activity for the children.

The adults learnt about the stages of sexuality and a know your body – anatomy terms game, this session was facilitated by a PowerWoman : Dr. Mariama Mustapha- Keili (A consultant pediatrician)

Leann Mahota Rizk, MPH( A sexual reproductive health educator) facilitated the session for kids, they had the “talk” role play for kids that led them through gaining a better understanding of their bodies and greater awareness, terms and what to expect in puberty. 

Leann leading the kids workshop

After the formal interactive sessions, the brunch kicked off with a puberty pinning ceremony. This activity made most parents and children emotional ; it served as a symbolic rite of passage into the beautiful and exciting world of puberty. 

The group had a party like no other as they dined on the delicious buffet of intercontinental food provided by The View Hotel, with colourful mocktails washing the flavours down.

As the afternoon progressed, things got even better, all of  the children received signature ankara bags called power packs, these packs contained varying items for boys and girls from deodorants, soaps to brushes and Uman 4 Uman sanitary pads.  

What’s a party without a good cake? The  PW232 Puberty Party 2022 – Brunch Edition, had two large cakes! 

PW232 members were delighted to welcome a special guest – Haja  Isatu Bah, who is a young Sierra Leonean entrepreneur – with the brand Uman 4 Uman – they produce reusable sanitary pads. She introduced her life- changing product to the attendees, sharing it’s benefits.

Haja Isatu Bah

It was no surprise that this symbolic engagement ended with a question and answer session for the girls and boys who had confident and expert responses. 

The feedback from parents ranged from appreciation to an appeal to the organisation, PowerWomen 232 was asked to find ways of expanding the idea, so that it could reach many other families and communities. 

Alice Browne

In closing the activity, Alice Browne, LMSW -the Puberty Committee chair for 2022, congratulated the attendees on becoming enlightened at the start of puberty and their parents for being so open- minded.

Written by: arianadiaries

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