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The world of beauty is as diverse as it is intricate, demanding both artistic prowess and an understanding of the science behind cosmetology. One astounding woman who has mastered both these components is Josephine Koroma, fondly known as Ms Joe. Not only does she celebrate beauty in all its forms through her globally-recognized work in the beauty industry, but she also uses her skills and knowledge to provide training and opportunities for young women to start their journeys as cosmetologists.

Born in Washington D.C. and raised in the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia), Ms. Joe has diverse cultural experiences, having frequently visited Sierra Leone since she was four. Her profound multicultural exposure is, in many ways, reflected in her unique hairdressing techniques and deep understanding of various beauty concepts.

Ms. Joe has extensive professional experience, having studied cosmetology in the USA, and worked around the world in the field for over 25 years. Despite her many accomplishments, she remains grounded as a dedicated loving mother of two children.

Afromeric Beauty Salon and Institute of Cosmetology: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity

In the early ’90s, Ms Joe’s mother founded the Afromeric beauty salon in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. The salon was born in the aftermath of the country’s 1991 civil war, with the aim to bolster the welfare of the nation’s youth – particularly women. The concept was simple but powerful – to reduce dependency by providing vocational training in the field of cosmetology.

Since its inception, Afromeric has trained over 2,000 individuals. Many of these women and some men are now self-employed, running their own salons, or working for the institute as staff members. The organization’s achievements in female empowerment are a testament to the potential of a single idea to bring about societal transformation.

Generational Shift: Sustaining and Expanding the Family Legacy

Ms. Joe entered the picture in the early 2000s, moving in as a second-generation cosmetologist and taking the helm of Afromeric. She brought in a significant paradigm shift, modernizing the salon’s services to align with evolving beauty trends globally. Her ingenuity and vision propelled the salon beyond hairdressing – she enhanced the business by offering women services to maintain and understand natural hair.

Over the years, Afromeric has metamorphosed into a revered brand, holding a premier position within Sierra Leone’s beauty industry. Its appeal extends beyond the country’s borders, drawing clients and admiration from across the globe.


Despite her success, Ms. Joe is far from complacent. She continues to challenge the status quo, introducing new techniques in hairdressing, beauty, and styling. From basic cosmetology training to keeping up with global trends, Afromeric remains a beacon of innovation and empowerment in the beauty industry.

As Josephine Koroma (Ms Joe) continues to build upon her mother’s legacy, she is not just shaping the future of her company; she is forging a path for countless women to discover their potential in the expansive and exciting world of cosmetology. Here’s celebrating her pioneering spirit and the transformative power of business merged with purpose.

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