World Speech Day 2024 was not just a day on the calendar; it was a celebration of voices, ideas, and the power of communication to spark positive change. On the 15th of March, Sierra Leone joined over 100 nations across the globe in commemorating this momentous occasion. As the only public speaking hub in the nation, The Anti-Glossophobia Academy proudly took the lead in organizing a remarkable event – “A Night Celebration of Speeches and Networking” themed “Ideas for a Better Salone.”

One of the most captivating aspects of the event was the open mic arena, where individuals from all walks of life took the stage to share their visions for a better Sierra Leone. From seasoned professionals to aspiring youth leaders, each speaker brought forth unique perspectives and innovative ideas aimed at addressing the nation’s challenges and seizing its opportunities.

The event placed a special emphasis on empowering youth and women, recognizing them as pivotal agents of change in society. With topics ranging from entrepreneurship to legal safeguards for vulnerable populations, guest speakers like Ariana Oluwole and Fatmata Kamara Esq. inspired audiences with their insights and advocacy for education and youth empowerment.

Addressing Challenges and Celebrating Achievements

Throughout the evening, speakers fearlessly tackled pressing issues such as gender inequality, lack of educational opportunities, and social barriers. Yet, amidst discussions of challenges, there was also a celebration of achievements – a recognition of the resilience and determination of the Sierra Leonean people to overcome adversity and build a brighter future.

Keynote Address by Mrs. Sebay Janet Bintu Koroma

As the chief speaker of the event, Mrs. Koroma captivated the audience with her profound insights and unwavering optimism. Her keynote address on “Ideas for a Better Salone” served as a rallying cry for collective action and a reminder of the importance of translating vision into tangible progress. With eloquence and passion, Mrs. Koroma outlined practical solutions for governance, economic development, and environmental sustainability, leaving attendees inspired and motivated to contribute to the nation’s advancement.

World Speech Day 2024 in Sierra Leone was more than just a series of speeches; it was a testament to the power of dialogue, collaboration, and shared humanity. As the echoes of speeches fade into the night, the spirit of hope and determination lingers on – a reminder that change begins with a single voice, but flourishes through the collective chorus of empowered individuals striving for a better tomorrow.

In the words of Mrs. Koroma, let us continue to speak out, stand up, and work together towards a brighter, more prosperous Sierra Leone.

Names of Guest Speakers

Ariana Oluwole Topic: “Entrepreneurship: The Driver for a Better Salone.”

Fatmata Kamara Esq. – Topic: Protecting Vulnerable Populations: Legal Safeguards for Women, Children, and Minorities in Salone •

⁠Margaret Murray Esq. – topic: “Women in leadership; Why women should invest in themselves for a better salone.”

Monica Tembo – Topic: “Sharing Ideas for a better salone; The Private Sector Human Capital Management”

Miniratu Issifu – Topic: “Women in Leadership: Gender Equality and Women’s Rights.”

Ibrahim Kebe – Topic: “Sharing Ideas for a Better Salone: Youth Perspective.” CHIEF SPEAKER 

Mrs Sebay Janet Bintu Koroma Topic: “Ideas for a better Salone”

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