Haja Bangura: Master Creative Skills Trainer

In a world where access to education and opportunities is not always equal, the “Each One, Teach One” philosophy shines through as a beacon of hope. It’s about individuals taking it upon themselves to share knowledge, skills, and mentorship to uplift others. Haja Mariama Bangura, the Founder of Girls Connect Sierra Leone, exemplifies this philosophy through her inspiring work.

Haja Mariama Bangura: A Beacon of Empowerment
Haja Mariama Bangura founded Girls Connect in 2022 with a vision to support both in and out-of-school girls in Sierra Leone. The organization provides mentorship, career development, and skills programs to shape the lives of young women. One remarkable project spearheaded by Haja and her team was a 4-month initiative on menstrual hygiene management in 8 schools across Bombali and Koinadugu.

During this project, they didn’t just stop at raising awareness. Haja saw an opportunity to empower these girls with tangible skills. A skills training center was established to teach girls how to sew reusable pads. However, Haja’s commitment to empowerment didn’t end with the project’s completion.

The Evolution: Girls Stitches Initiative
After the project concluded, Haja realized the ongoing need for skill development. She took it upon herself to continue learning, scouring the internet for tutorials to expand her knowledge. This led to the birth of the Girls Stitches Initiative earlier this year, focusing on providing skills training for women and girls in Makeni.

Empowering Women, Building Futures
The Girls Stitches Initiative is more than just a training program; it’s a catalyst for change.The first cohort of beneficiaries in the Girls stitches initiative ended a couple of weeks ago with 10/17 girls who made it to the final stages of the program. One would agree with Ariana Diaries that this is a good start, considering that this project is led by and for young people in a district that often has challenges with road access. Currently, 10 girls and 5 women are undergoing training in various skills, including making Ankara Diaries, Ankara fan, tote bag, Ankara slippers, money bouquet, turban, brooch, headband, and hairband.

Teachable Lessons for Leadership
Haja Mariama Bangura’s journey and the Girls Stitches Initiative offer valuable lessons in leadership:

1.Lead by Example

Haja didn’t wait for someone else to act; she took the initiative herself. True leaders lead by example, showing dedication and commitment to their cause.
Adaptability and Continuous Learning: When faced with challenges, Haja didn’t give up. Instead, she sought out new skills and knowledge. Leaders must be adaptable and willing to learn, especially in rapidly changing environments.

2.Empowerment through Skills

Haja understands that empowerment is not just about words; it’s about equipping individuals with tangible skills. Effective leaders empower others to reach their full potential.

3.Community Impact

The Girls Stitches Initiative isn’t just benefiting the participants; it has a ripple effect on the community. Leaders should strive for initiatives that bring positive change on a broader scale.

Haja Mariama Bangura’s story embraces the power of the “Each One Teach One” philosophy. By sharing knowledge, skills, and opportunities, we can create a brighter future for women, girls, and society as a whole. As leaders, let’s take inspiration from Haja’s journey and strive to empower those around us, one skill at a time.

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