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Here’s the truth: I am always wary of  financial institutions, bankers and how well they market their new services and products, so for me, I nearly always choose the ‘UNBELIEVING THOMAS’ route with them. I get to find out from customers who have had experiences before I jump onboard. 

This is why I have volunteered myself to be the ‘GUINEA PIG’ in this experiment. As leaders and entrepreneurs, we need to have access to online services and products.

Plus, we need to have well budgeted expenditures that we can track better when we go CASHLESS.  I have settled for a love affair with  UBA Sierra Leone and I will be sharing my direct experiences using their #UBAPrepaidCard, but first let’s take a look at the amazing features:

  1. A budget card for managing funds

  2. An expense card for managing expenses 

  3. A safe and secure card for web transactions

  4. Works on ATM and POS…

When I showed up at the Charlotte Street Branch in Freetown on a wet Wednesday, I was prepared for anything including a long wait and bad customer service, after all it’s quite the norm here with banking institutions.

I was immediately crestfallen when the Customer Service agent responded with a smile and asked me for my  Identification, a proof of address, a form of identity card and Le 50,000 (Fifty- thousand leones) as  requirements to access the card  cover a new account opening for the Card.  Within 15 minutes, I saw her walking towards me and of course I was already pouting to yell, now what? She confidently handed back my card saying , here it is ready to be used online, on ATMs and PoS across major supermarket and hotels in Freetown, the provinces and out of Sierra Leone.. 

As I write this, I am still shocked at how fast this request was processed. You must try it yourself!

Visit any UBA branch, country wide to collect your card for just Le 50,000 or call  Customer Fulfilment Centre Line (CFC) +23278200200 for more information.




Written by: arianadiaries

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