Finally, the sector needs an image overhaul. As young agripreneurs, we live the reality of being in an industry that few of our peers want to be in. Our peers react with surprise when we introduce ourselves as farmers, and that surprise often turns to disbelief when they realize we do it full time; that it is not “just a hobby”, or something we do until “something serious comes along”. Their reactions are not surprising, most of us have simply been conditioned to view farming as a menial job. Few realize that beyond ‘just’ cultivating the food we eat, farmers constantly have to be at the top of their game when it comes to strategic planning of breeding cycles and harvesting periods, risk management to mitigate damage from ever changing weather patterns, relationship management of suppliers, customers and everyone in between, accounting and cash flow management so the bills remain paid, D-I-Y skills to repair and maintain the myriad of tools on the farm, resilience to ride the variability of nature, and increasingly social media management because it is the most accessible from of marketing for small businesses. These are responsibilities that are certainly far from menial; they are a necessary set of skills required of entrepreneurs.


JoBecks Farms (SL) Limited is on a Mission to Feed Salone

In Sierra Leone, JoBecks Farms (SL) Limited is a growing poultry farming business that is focused on raising broiler and layer chickens to meet the market demand for fresh, healthy, nutritious poultry products in Sierra Leone. Starting with 1,000 layers 2 years ago, their current flock capacity is at 4000 birds – both layers and broilers and are working on expanding our operations. JOBecks Farms is intent on not only popularising the slogan #FeedingSalone, but their goal is to become the #1 name in poultry farming and poultry management in Sierra Leone.

Eggs Ready for Supply

The company has two operating locations – Wellington, Western Rural and Songo, Koya Chiefdom. The Wellington facility currently supports broiler operations with a capacity to hold 3,000 birds and the Songo facility currently houses their layer operations with a current capacity to house 5,000 birds.

‘The long-term goal is to develop a large-scale commercial poultry facility at our 5-acre farm at  Songo. It will include raising layers and broilers for egg and meat production, a poultry meat processing plant, and a commercial feed mill for the supply of poultry feed ingredients and poultry feed production’.

Broilers weighing

At JoBecks Farms, they are known for providing the best quality, healthy, and nutritious feed recipes to their flock based on corn, sorghum, and poultry concentrates.

We were so excited when we learnt that they are working to develop partnerships with local farmers across the country for the supply of grains with the philosophy of “If u plant am, we dey buy am”.

Their goal is to be able to source as much of  their feed ingredients locally as possible.

Josie Babatunde Beckley (JoZ Baba)

Meet with The Co- Founder : Josie Babatunde Beckley (JoZ Baba)

Josie is the co-owner and Chief Farmer for JoBecks Farms (SL) Limited who returned to Sierra Leone after several years abroad as a Leadership and Management Consultant with Aspen Management Partners posted at the Child Health/Expanded Program on Immunization Program at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.
A 3rd generation poultry farmer, Josie decided to venture into the business of poultry farming taking over from his mother who took over from her father decades ago. After experiencing the influx of large quantities of low-quality imported poultry products in the market, Josie saw the opportunity to invest in the production of poultry eggs and meat locally for local production.
A life-long chorister of the St. George’s Cathedral and music lover, Josie is co-owner and board member of the Rozinka School of Music, Sierra Leone. Josie is also serves as lead consultant with JoBecks Services – an Agribusiness Consulting company providing business management support to agricultural entities nationwide.

Josie holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics, a diploma in Accounting and an MBA in Global Mining Management and Strategic Management from the Schulich School of Business, York
University, Toronto, Canada.

Food for Thought: Feeding the World- By 2050 we’ll need to feed two billion more people. How can we do that without overwhelming the planet

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