What is this exhibition about?

The Old photos of Sierra Leone exhibition is a display of unique and treasured images of the past of our beloved Sierra Leone for  anyone and everyone to see.

There are photos of significant events, icons and places that have been preserved,  but most of which are not publicly available to Sierra Leoeans, especially the young people, and non Sierra Leoneans that are interested in knowing our history. The exhibition is a great opportunity to learn a thing or two about Sierra Leone through the displayed  photos.

There will be roughly around 200 images on display. The timeline for which they are covered is from the 1700s when photography wasn’t a thing yet, on to the 1980s. The location from which the photos were taken is within Sierra Leone. The exhibition will present a  glimpse of what life was like back then, and as an older person, will bring  back memories of what it was like as a child.

Who is organizing this Exhibition? How did the idea come about?

This event is organised by a social media platform called Old Photos of Sierra Leone. The idea came about due to the popular demand from its members to see and admire  these treasured images  in a real-life exhibition, or a museum. Even though everyone can access and enjoy the photos online in the Group and Page, it is a different vibe altogether to have all the photos together on display in a physical space.

The Old Photos  of Sierra Leone Platform, What is it about?

The platform started in July 2020 but already has more than  70.000 very active members. Old Photos of Sierra Leone aims to gather, classify and preserve all old images of our country before they perish, or vanish and make these images accessible in a single location, to  everyone, especially the young people.  Most photos were taken about 50- 60 years ago and due to our humid climate, most will be easily destroyed if not preserved well.

In addition, a lot can be misplaced and disappear and we  cannot go back in time and re- capture these rare moments of history. We can however find and preserve (in digital form) and make them accessible to the public, and this is essentially the aim of this platform. The old photos platform also organises two yearly historical trips to Banana Island and Bunce Island.

 Exhibition Details

  • The exhibition opens on Friday the 10th of September. It will be hosted at Mango Peak, Opposite HEMA, near St. Mary’s Supermarket at Hill Station.

  • It will last ONLY three days until Sunday the 12th

  • It will be open from 11 in the morning until 7 in the evening.

  • There is no entrance fee. The exhibition is free;  open to everyone.

Join the facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/events/376136063910495

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