The Root of Disease

Your body says a lot about you, your reality and your personality.  What you call sickness  or disease, in traditional African medicine we call it an imbalance in your physical, psychological and spiritual being.

Now there are more incidences of chronic diseases in all age groups including young people. Now my late great grandmother , who paved the way for me in Traditional African Medicine, used to say  “ there is  more to seeing than what you see”. Now the root behind this imbalance is the pursuit of toxins/ toxicants , which most of us do unintentional but our lifestyle choices can tell the story. “Some you see, and some you don’t see and continued exposure has its consequence.

Where can you find these toxins/toxicant, in what we like to eat, drink and in the air we breath in . The illusion that science and technology can provide the solution to these toxin problem is a mirage. Why  is that even with all the advancement in technology and wonderful scientific breakthrough, more and more people, even children suffer from illness like autism or worse die of incurable illness. Now people see an incurable illness as death sentence, but death doesn’t mean the death of the body. Remember the body does not die, the human body is made of water , air , fire and earth , so at death the body is recycled, water returns to water . Air returns to air and earth returns to earth.

Now once you understand the root , finding a solution is easy but the key is patience. To reduce or stop chronic illness, there are 3 step processes:

  1. Starve the disease i.e. stop feeding the illness.

  2. Cleanse the body i.e. get close to plant or herbal medicine

  3. Nourish the body i.e. eat more alkaline friendly food and drinks.

For good health, the body needs to maintain a certain acid-alkaline balance  and keeping this balance is one of the crucial keys to remaining  healthy. Every cell in the body, even to our skin which is the largest organ in the body function better  when its predominately alkaline. The road to wholeness and balance in the body  is openness and trust. Openness is to listen to and be ready to change your lifestyle. Small, small ripple makes a big splash.   While the trust involve  taking risk with traditional plant medicine.

Now science research  say there is no such thing as the alkaline lifestyle but trust its exists, ask Herman Aihara, he first introduced an entire generation to a new view of food’s influence on our health and well-being.

Everything we swallow , once digested either breaks down as either an alkaline or acid mineral based ash or residue. Using basic chemistry to explain , to say whether a substance is alkaline or acid is determined  by the amount of hydrogen ions it has. So now our modern lifestyle choices involves a lot of acid forming substance from the cream we put on our skin, to what we eat and  if the body remains in an acid state for too long, this acidity triggers degenerative disease or growths.

Acid-forming food to Avoid

Firstly ,please remember all these foods  are not necessarily unhealthy but the key is moderation. Any animal protein is acid-forming  but there are essentially for good health. So for moderation if you normally have two meat based meals  daily reduce it to one.

Milk and yogurt help with acid-type reflux after food but in the long term they can make an arthritic condition worse.

All nuts are acid-forming except fresh coconut and almond. Also all grains are acid-forming except millet and quinoa.

Refined sugar  in foods like cakes, biscuit, diary ice cream – we must avoid them . Milk chocolate bars are truly acid-forming and its high in oxalic which has been linked to kidney stones.

Drinks such as black tea, coffee, wine, beer spirits , fizzy soft drinks and box juices are highly acid -forming.

I will leave you with this quote,“Our diet defines who we are. Food glorifies food”, So everything in moderation, balance is key.”

Written By Rashidat Raji,

Licensed Traditional Herbal General Practitioner,

BSc  & MSc Pharma.

Written by: Rashidat Raji

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