Bloom means many things, but for us, it means prosperity, and enabling greatness in Sierra Leone’ – Bloom Bank Africa

Greatness lands in Sierra Leone with the launch of a premier development bank, which aims to provide innovative opportunities, competitively priced loans to SMEs with a great approach to financial inclusiveness for all. The bank’s platform is uniquely set up to also provide capacity building, mentoring and business advisory services.

On Thursday 8th December 2022, Sierra Leone welcomed BLOOM BANK AFRICA (SIERRA LEONE) LIMITED at a rebranding ceremony; to officially mark the change from Keystone Bank Sierra Leone to Bloom Bank Africa [Sierra Leone] Limited (BBASL). The transition to the new brand identity comes after the bank underwent a transformation upon it’s accquisition by Oakwood Green Africa, and is in line with the bank’s new direction of building a resilient, technology savvy and Pan-African bank well positioned to meet the financial needs of it’s customers.

Represented by the lotus flower- a resilient species that thrives and blooms all year round despite the weather,the bank’s logo also features 3 vibrant yet symbolic colours: blue, green and orange all representing strong pillars of excellence, warmth, passion and dexterity

To mark this auspicious event, they had in attendance various important personalities from the Bank of Sierra Leone, senior government institutions and dignitaries representing different works of life, spiced up with a beautiful array of cultural performances that subtly reminded the audience of how invested they are in portraying the power of being uniquely African.

Steering the historic event was Phebean Swill, a renowned media personality who served as the Mistress of Ceremony.

Bloom Bank by all intents appears to have high up on their agenda, the empowerment of women! As they proudly introduced at the start of the launch, a seasoned and experienced financial guru and mentor to many- Madam Aminata Kamara as the Chairman of the Board.

Chairman of the Board giving a Statement

During the programme, the Deputy Bank Governor, monetary stability: Mr. Ibrahim Stevens applauded the bank for its’ smooth transitioning into a new brand identity with a change of name that he hopes is geared towards the reflection of the intention of the bank. He reiterated that majority of the staff under Keystone will be retained under Bloom Bank Africa Sierra Leone Limited. Mr. Stevens encouraged the board to extend the bank’s network across the nation, as that will provide the environment for every Sierra Leonean to benefit from the initiative. He recommended the need for the set-up of an agent in locations where a branch would be absent, as that would create room for inclusive participation of all and sundry. In closing, he announced about the introduction of a financial inclusion newsletter which will be produced twice a year. This he said will be used as an instrument to notify and guide the public on the activities of the bank.

Bank of Sierra Leone Representative

In his address the Managing Director and C.E.O., Mr. Ndubuisi Ejiofor explained that; the journey has been long but rewarding, as acquisition of the bank started in 2020. He went on to say that ‘Bloom’ represents, budding, blossoming, flourishing and prosperity which is what the bank intends to inject into the financial system of Sierra Leone. He emphasized that their primary focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Bloom bank intends on forming partnerships with other banks to help support Sierra Leoneans and promote Sierra Leonean businesses. He ended with the bank’s tagline which is: WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!



This might be really just the time for Sierra Leoneans to bloom with such interesting financial opportunities and a passion for the people that was showcased right through the opening event.


The shareholders representative, Mr. Gabriel Edgal highlighted the core values and intentions of the bank which is cemented in the ‘Ubuntu philosophy’. He said that collaboration and partnership is what promotes blooming results. Mr. Edgal believes that Africans need to move finances and support from areas of surplus in Africa to areas of deficit in order for Africans to be the architects of our own future. He envisions a future in which African economies will be less dependent on the US Dollar and get into a position where we pay ourselves, in our own currencies. He left the crowd very motivated after serenading them with Africa Unite, a popular song by Bob Marley.  Sierra Leone is the second branch that Bloom Bank has opened in Africa, with The Gambia being the first.

Mr. Gabriel Egal on the left

The event culminated into the unveiling of the Bloom Bank Africa Sierra Leone Ltd. by the distinguished members and patrons of the bank, followed by a brief and concise closing remarks by the Executive Director of Bloom Bank Sierra Leone Limited.


Here are some questions and answers to help customers:

 What about debit cards? Would they be changed also?

Yes, the look and feel of our debit cards will change, but you can still use your old Keystone Bank Sierra Leone debit cards to transact on our ATM’s and other bank’s ATM’s for specified period which would be communicated to you in due course.

All new debit card requests would now receive the newly branded debit cards.

How will the name change and rebrand affect my banking?

Relax, your banking experience would get exceptionally better, and be rest assured that we are committed to ensuring we take you along this journey of rebranding to ensure you, our cherished customers do no miss out on our brand professional banking services.

What changes would happen at the branches?

Our Signages and pylons at the branches would be changed to reflect our new brand identity. You would also find our brand colours painted in and around the branches. Together with wall murals reflecting our refreshing brand change.

How about your business hours?

Not at all. Our business hours would not change due to the rebranding.


Will my chequebook now be invalid due to the rebranding?

No. you can still use your current checkbook for withdrawals. We would however send updates on when we expect the old Keystone Bank chegue books to be phased out, then you can order the new chegue books.

New cheque book requests would however receive the new Bloom Bank Africa {Sierra Leone} limited branded cheque books.

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