Lagos State is a cosmopolitan maze of lagoons and creeks in a geographical space that hosts over nine million people. There is great hustle and bustle, Lagos state, being the heart beat of Nigeria, with scores of people using the traditional means of transport.

The state‘s thriving commercial gains are stifled by traffic woes, polluted clouds and exhausted passengers; perhaps this being the reason behind the State’s renewed commitment towards water transportation.
It is estimated that 100,000 people will be transported on water daily across 32 rounds; this has created a new urgency in terms of the need for boats and ferries that will meet quality standards and efficiency!

The Lagos State government has guaranteed local boat builders of patronage, not only to strengthen the economy but to enhance interest in water transportation and decongest traffic the roads in line with the vision of making water transportation one of the best alternatives to road travel.
Africa’s call has been to localise and strengthen its most precious resource which is man- power, the projection to work in country is fulfilling not only the need for more jobs, but enhancing specialised skills in design, mechanics amidst other innovative technical and trade opportunities. Imagine the multiplier effect that this will have on the Lagos economy

The Managing Director, Lagos State Ferry Services (LAGFERRY), Mr. Abdoulbaq Ladi-Balogun gave the assurance during an inspection tour of two major boat factories, V-Craft and Sierra Craft, in Lagos State.
He affirmed the government’s commitment to efficient water transportation system, saying LAGFERRY has been mandated to identify and patronise local builders who have the capacity to build and adhere strictly to international standard practices.
The idea is to build a sustainable eco-system that encourages and supports a multi-modal means of transportation. This will encourage and boost local investors and enhance trade for Small and medium enterprises.
The State government’s intention is to roll out commercial ferry services in the next couple of weeks, creating a new experience in water transportation driven by the latest technology and built on safety, reliability, efficient services, comfort and value for money.

During the unveiling, the Managing Director: Sierra Craft; Mr. Olusegun Jaji expressed delight at the interest of the State government in developing local water transportation, especially with assurances to local builders that they would enjoy government patronage. He was ecstatic at this administration’s commitment to improving and increasing water transportation.

Jaji reiterated his company’s capability of producing and delivering world-class boats of international standard as required by the State government.

It is quite obvious that industry players are also ready to key into the vision of the present administration; which is to improve water transportation as a means of decongesting the heavy traffic situation on Lagos roads. This will cascade on to wealth creation, happier people and a host of other benefits for physical and mental health in different communities.

Written by: arianadiaries

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