It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver -Mahatma Ghandi


More than 90% of the estimated 300–500 million malaria cases that occur worldwide every year are in Africans, mainly in children under five years of age, but most countries are moving towards better treatment policies.

In a bid to chase our dreams or fend for our daily bread we end up ignoring our most valuable asset which is our health and wellness. A few decades ago, health care used to be a priority for most people even in local communities. In some cases this was triggered by informal health leaders and elders who would advise on safer options for living a good life.

Health cannot be a question of income; it is a fundamental human right~ Nelson Mandela

We depended on natural and organic sources of food, we emitted less waste and migration was varied. Thanks to urbanization and development the scramble for fast, luxury food and amenities has multiplied. This has resulted in a growing number of new illnesses, and an immune system that is weakened.

It is with this background that The Place Resort at Tokeh is determined to engage their communities better on the fact that ‘Health is Wealth’. Over the years they have been intent to ensuring that they support youth development through internships and job creation. However the first empowerment tool will be to ensure a better health standard.

This being the reason why they collaborated with The Life Care Hospital to provide public health service tagged ‘FREE HEALTH CHECK-UP CAMP’ The Place at Tokeh Beach Resort took care of the general cost of the exercise as part of their community relations strategy.

They brought in specialist doctors to screen for hidden diseases and provide specialist advice to patients. The camp served everyone in the community much to the ease and joy of all.  They conducted – general tests (including a physical exam, diagnostic tests such as malaria, typhoid, diabetes, hypertension and hypotension) for children, young adults and adults with sophisticated equipment from Life Care Clinic.

Ten (10) kids with general malaise were found to have severe medical complications. They have been referred to the Life care clinic in Freetown for further medical investigations and support.

They had general discussions on health and wellness, elaborating on good health practices for community well being such as:

  • Hygiene and good sanitary conditions play a great role in staying healthy. A great emphasis on waste disposal techniques, guarding of water sources to prevent pollution and good toilet facilities.

  • Access to good nutrition, by priotising what they eat; like fresh vegetables, organic fruit, plus lots of fresh fish which is already in abundance at Tokeh.

  • Maintaining good relations with health care facilities to ensure health check-ups become a lifestyle rather than a last resort.


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