Are you feeling stuck in the same place? Unable to attain the jobs that you desire or seek the positions that will propel you into the future, do not be discouraged a lot of CEO’s and aspiring leaders are just like you! A lot of people are constantly searching for the recipe to growth and success in the workplace and beyond, paradoxically all we need is a new take on leadership. We need an evolution on leadership that will bring forth leaders who are not content to be known but who are producers, problem solvers, innovators, social change enthusiasts and empaths.


Leadership is an action, not a position – Donald McGannon

Here are 5 Leadership qualities needed to advance your career:


To advance your career you need to have a plan: Like the great engineer, teacher or artist you must be able to create a blueprint of your desires. What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years? Who are the people that are going to help you achieve this? What really does make you happy? How do you define success? In recent times, a lot of great achievers have been able to lead intentionally by grasping new resources that helps with visioning , goal setting and manifesting.


Become a Leader! Leading requires a lot of work, a lot of giving and the willingness to seek new outcomes. One great tool that supports this process is READING. Embrace leadership qualities and principles through these leadership books of all time:

  1. The Leader who had no title- Robin Sharma

  2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People –Stephen Covey

  3. Mandela’s Way: Lessons on Life, Love, and Courage- Richard Stengel, foreword by Nelson Mandela

  4. Lean In- Sheryl Sandberg

  5. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership- John C. Maxwell


When you own your power, you priotise better and you become intentional about your personal development and career goals. You will learn how to become emotionally intelligent, embrace social awareness skills, improve your reasoning capabilities and become a better decision maker. We love us some everyday leaders who navigate with power. What do they all have in common, Can you guess?


Career success is no magic, you will have to make consistent changes over time and be strong enough to hold your ground! Maintain your values, showcase your gifts, and help others in discovering theirs. Advancement and growth might bring adversities and challenges. A great leader will be resilient enough to de-construct and re-construct ideas, products and services. Think ‘rubber- band people’. Those people that seem to rise like a phoenix, no matter how hard life stretches them.  To enhance this leadership quality you would have to nurture your relationships, take care of your health and be ready to fail and commit to growth.  Let’s affirm this tool:

  • I have the power to pick myself up.

  • I know how to defeat the odds.

  • I know how to call on my healthy supports.

  • I surrender those feelings of overwhelm.


Do you remember growing up and being cautioned on whom to hang out with? The rules remain the same! Who you know, how connected you are to them will help you advance in your career. In fact how you influence people, the quality of your work has the tendency to create far more impact than you would imagine. As you are climbing up the ladder of success you want to be at the right place at the right time, you would need for your name to be mentioned in rooms that your feet are yet to touch. This is the power of establishing good networks and cultivating great relationships.  Join networks and associations that you will learn from, gain visibility from them and also use them to help others. Here are some of our favourites; Rotary International, The Breakfast Club Africa and Lean In. We would love to hear from you on your favorites.


The Breakfast Club Africa presents the maiden Made – in – Sierra Leone Leadership Conference (MLC). MLC- Sierra Leone is a learning conference that seek to gather  leaders to learn from each other and become intentional about their growth.

They are expecting a mix of local CEO’s and high level business executives as well as head of Public Sector Institutions and MDA’s. The event is scheduled to take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel on 5th December, 2019. Registration is Le 2,000,000 per person. To register email : Register today to be a part of this impact focus event.

Written by: arianadiaries

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