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Photo Credit : Nappy Stock

You have one life to live, so live it in peace. Be the gatekeeper of your energy by not allowing others to interrupt or dump their toxicity, drama and negative energy on your aura. It is not a selfish act to protect your peace; instead, it is part of self-care and healthy living.

Peace is an essential part of your wellbeing. When you have peace of mind, you feel empowered, and you get this sense of satisfaction that is priceless. Peace interrupters can be internal and external. It is your responsibility to identify those peace snatchers and make room for healthy behaviours and practices that will boost your sense of self, overall productivity, and peace of mind.

The saying “happiness is an inside job.” is powerful. Sometimes we carry baggage from our past that makes it difficult for peace to grow within. Have you ever noticed, how some people are just bitter and hateful? You barely see them smile or show appreciation of life. These types of people have allowed elements from their past and present to overshadow their joy. The famous philosopher Buddha said that “The past is gone; the future is not yet here. There’s only one moment for you to live.” Take control of your emotional well being by regaining your power. Don’t allow your past to drain your joy. Instead, take those experiences from your past to create a space where love and happiness can grow.

It is vital to create a positive response strategy for your well-being. Forgive and let go. Remember, forgiveness benefits you the most. It gives you control. Part of your plan is learning how to control your reaction. Analyze what you should respond to and what you should ignore so you can have peace of mind.

Peace is a crucial element for everyone’s livelihood. Our greatest challenge of securing peace is external factors, including family, friendships, community, and environments. Some people have no idea how their problems affect others. Have you ever been in a situation where you are going through a tough time emotionally, and then meet someone who dumps all their emotional baggage on you? You now have to add that person’s problem to your own, and that situation heightens your anxiety even more.

Remember, you are the gatekeeper of your peace; it is not selfish to focus on fixing your problems before dealing with another person’s problem. Some relationships are just toxic and draining that you have to take strategic action if you want peace of mind.

The classic Latin saying “Si Vis Pacem, Para bellum.” means if you want peace, prepare for war.” There are some phone calls that you should start ignoring, some gathering that you don’t need to be part of. It is not wrong to want freedom from disturbance and tranquility. Any situation that breeds violence, fear, and guilt, is negative, and you have to free yourself from that.

Securing your peace should be part of your agenda; it should be part of your daily goals. Peace is something that you should continuously monitor, evaluate and maintain. Be able to identify the things that make you unhappy and create a peaceful space to reserve your peace internally and externally. The book : Peace Education by Ian M. Harris and Mary Lee Morrison mentioned that “Peace education is considered to be both a philosophy and a process involving Listening, reflection, problem-solving, cooperation and conflict resolution.” You are entitled to create a sustainable, peaceful environment for yourself. Light up the candle inside of you with peace and spread it all around you.

Written by: Francess Cowan

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