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By Rashida Raji-Siwoku. MSc Pharma, BSc and Licensed Herbalist in Traditional Herbal General Practice.
Check out immune cells in action. Where two bacteria that cause gonorrhea are no match for the large phagocyte, called a neutrophil, that engulfs and kills them (see arrows). Photo credit: Micheal N. Starnbach. PH.D Harvard Medical  University

From experience , it’s never the weather that causes cold or flu.  The secret I have found to avoid cold & flu in the first place is at the first sign of a tickly or  itchy throat . It’s your immune function saying I need some extra attention.  

Scientists at Harvard University have uncovered that a healthy immune system defeats invading germs every nanosecond. We inherit our immune system from our mother and are active from the moment we are born. Respiratory infection can be caused by bacteria or virus. They are invaders, so it is the cells of the immune system called Phagocytes that surround and engulf these invaders. The phagocytes in particular the neutrophil cell  traps these invaders and kills. These special killer cells are called phagocytes, and sometimes need help when overwhelmed to the rescue of antibiotics. However, antibiotics only  help the immune system fight infections caused by  bacteria especially in children & elderly over 65 yrs. However, antibiotics don’t work for infections caused by viruses. This is where nature comes to the rescue with unique African herbs   


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The common name for this herb is Leaf of life or Never Die and its botanical name is Bryophyllum pinnatum. Every home should have this wonderful plant, it grows so easily. Just needs plenty of water and sunlight to thrive. An effective antiviral herb used as an herbal remedy to treat common health conditions such as influenza, the common cold, chest colds, high blood pressure, headaches, fever, bronchitis, swelling and excessive coughing. Now combined with an expectorant herb like ginger or wiri wiri peppers help to clear any gunk in the lung.  All mixed into nature sweet candy called honey. After drinking all you need to do is stay in bed and rest. The more you try to struggle on with your daily activities, the slower your recovery( especially if you tested positive for COVID-19 viral infection).

Combine the leaf of life with wiri wiri pepper in honey and store it in a glass jar  at room temperature. It is a perfect tincture to prevent or treat common health conditions mentioned above. It is also very safe for children aged 18 months above , no side effects.

Unlike  modern drugs like a tablet of Piriton prescribed by a Medical doctor that contain Chlorpheniramine maleate. This drug only relieves the symptoms of cold or flu such as  a runny, blocked or itchy nose and sneezing. IT DOES NOT TREAT OR PREVENT THESE COMMON HEALTH CONDITIONS MENTIONED ABOVE  UNLIKE THIS AFRICAN HERB.  When this African herb is taken regularly, it helps to strengthen the body’s innate immune system against this viral infection and prevent this invader from progressing into more dangerous infections or causing other health complications.


Written by: Rashidat Raji

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