Ginger,  it’s botanical name is Zingibe offcinale, grows wildly in both Nigeria and Sierra Leone. In traditional medicine its used in a lot of tinctures and herbal tea for these reasons; Firstly, its promotes beneficial  sweating. Now the body eliminates toxins from the body in three ways : through sweating,  urinating and poo.

Sweating is so important in removing toxins from the system especially the morning after the night before and when there is a fever it helps lower the body temperature . Another important reason is ginger inhibits the growth of bad bacteria in the digestive system while allowing the good bacteria to grow. Also its stimulates circulation  and this is very helpful for pre-hypertensive pregnant mum -to-be because it prevents the formation of thromboxanes, a substance that  causes blood platelets to aggregate, which eventually from blood clots that leads to hypertension especially when pregnant.

Scientifically, proven that ginger is as effective as aspirin in preventing the formation of blood clots in the arteries,  with the added advantage of having no side effect. Now this is  especially good for mother’s  diagnosed with pre-eclampsia or pregnancy induced high blood pressure.

A simple remedy is to take a teaspoon of dried ginger or little finger of fresh ginger to a cup of hot water  and allow to infuse for ten minutes . This should be taken twice daily, pregnant mother can take this preparation for at least three month to get the full benefit with no side- effect to the developing baby.

Ginger is the beneficial  for the whole body , therefore it’s recommended that everyone should make a habit  of getting gingered especially during this magical christmas season.

Written by: Rashidat Raji

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