Today is a great day to do something different, invest in the future or do something wise that your future self will thank you for! How about getting a book online that focuses on personal/career development? Ordering a spare part for that appliance that you spent so much money purchasing or maybe just exploring the different options that comes with being the owner of a #UBAPrepaidCard. 

To get started you  simply pre-fund your card and reload at your convenience. It can be used to pay bills and make purchases- this card is unlinked to your normal savings or current account(s). Surprisingly it attracts zero maintenance fees, the perfect solution for everyone.

On our last blogpost we started looking at different experiences faced by users of the #UBAPrepaidCard . Your questions and interests have piqued another round of scenarios that will motivate you into acquiring your own card, straightaway.


Matching school-bags and outfits for the twins, child – friendly tablets for the children, fit bit for Papa, good quality wig for the sugar! David within 10 mins had successfully done his back to school shopping, a treat for every member of his love circle. He was quite shocked at how efficient, less stressful it was – no more long calls to nice aunties/uncles abroad to support the family with good quality purchases. His #UBAPrepaidcard was worth every single penny, he can now focus on completing his bid documents for submission tomorrow. The icing on the cake for him was loading a separate card for his teenage daughter(Tutu) who was off to Accra to study! No more calls of desperation, daddy I am running out of money etc etc. David is convinced that every smart parent/professional deserves to invest in this card!


Trading in Sierra Leone is not for the faint-hearted – Betty knows exactly what goods to buy for her fashionable clients, her store is always full because she has the latest style for each season. Last month on her business trip to Turkey she was stunned at how the pandemic had transformed the shopping scene. Most of the stores were closed and only served online customers- she had to ask her traveling companion for support to use his #UBAPrepaidCard online. Only then was she able to get great stock  online on to the warehouse that ships to Sierra Leone. Betty has made up her mind to visit the nearest UBA Branch as soon as she gets to Sierra Leone, owning her own debit card is now high priority.  

We hope that these real life experiences will get you interested in joining the adventure of going cashless…

Get a UBA Prepaid Card today, make a purchase or bills payment anywhere you are. Sort out your everyday purchases, (online payments with your prepaid card) withdrawals and payments at Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets and Stores. Available in all our Eight (8) UBA Branches, in Bo, Makeni and in Freetown, we have branches at the following locations: Charlotte Street, Adelaide Street, College Road Cline Town, Kissy Road, Lumley and Adonkia.

The UBA Prepaid Card is a pre-funded and re-loadable card that can be used to pay bills and make online purchases and withdrawals on ATMs across the world.

#UBACares, We have Amazing features that will serve you 24/7:
1. A budget card for managing funds
2. An expense card for managing expenses
3. A safe and secure card for web transactions
4. Works on ATM and POS…

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