COVID-19 AND MEMORY TEA: HOW TO HELP MUM’S BRAIN By Rashidat Raji MSc Pharma & Herbalist

Brain Awareness Week– Are you looking after Mom’s Thinking Box…

More than 9 out of 10 us will agree that brain health is important, right? .. However, only 1 out of 10 of us , really know ways to maintain or improve it.

It not uncommon to forget people’s names or where you last left certain objects-we all do. Even taking many prescription drugs such as long -term use of sleeping pills or the long-term use of drug cocktail to manage high blood pressure, cholesterol/ diabetes affects memory.

Most cases of poor memory including eating too, many of the wrong food especially refined sugar & carbohydrates like white breads, biscuits & pastries, which we crave more when our body is under stress and during high fever.

Now with this newer Covid -19 virus strain which is highly contagious, one of the symptoms especially in women is high fever with memory loss. Now most doctors would suggest taking two paracetamol every four to six hours to help bring the fever down- yet having a fever is our body natural way of killing invading bugs.

So how can we help mums recover faster especially when ill with a fever and at that time she can’t even remember the simplest things like where she left her glasses.

Consuming fat is still considered unhealthy but what if I told you there are healthier fats to help improve mum’s memory. For example, Omega 3 & 6 found in oily fish like sardines and mackerel will help. There are plant-based fats like flaxseed, melon seeds (or in my native language (Yoruba) we call it called Egusi seed). Now, imagine combining the melon seed with leafy green vegetables like Spinach, Ugu: which are rich in antioxidants and guess what? they will also help to slow down memory decline.

Another way to improve mum’s memory is through breakfast. You know the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. A prefect everyday  alkaline breakfast is oat which is rich in  B-vitamins then soak it overnight with unprocessed honey in a glass container.  To have in the next morning with a cup  of of an everyday cooking herb rosemary & sage herbal tea . This can be sweetened with a little unprocessed honey.

Yep! strong scientific evidence-based research has found both dried & fresh form of these everyday caffeine free cooking herbs: rosemary & sage can enhance your memory and other do other wonderful benefit for the body. Visit to check out our respiratory tea blend.

Another helpful tip is making sure we allow mums to get sufficient quality of sleep.  Now if a certain mum has no high fever and is feeling much better but still experiencing memory problem  its time to visit a nutritionist.  I do hope these tips where helpful? what tip struck you the most? Share on to educate all Mums today!

Written by: Rashidat Raji

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