Cancer meets football player

No age discrimination, when it comes to cancer.

No age discrimination when it comes to who get cancer. The 24 yrs. old midfielder for Bournemouth and Wales, David Brooks has been diagnosed with a type of blood cancer called  Hodgkin lymphoma (HL).  Evidence based research In West Africa mainly Ghana & Nigeria, states the incidence rates of HL has been found to be higher in males more than in females between the age of 10-15yrs and 21-25 years. (Hodgkin lymphoma: Clinicopathologic features in Benin City, Nigeria and update on its biology and classification- Olu -Eddo & CE Omoti, |2011|Vol.14|Issue 4:).

This type of cancer affects the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes in the body is home to all the infection -fighting cells. The common symptoms of this illness are painless swelling of the neck armpit and groin  as seen in this picture with the young man.Other symptoms include excess itching, fever especially at night and sudden weight loss. The cause of this type of cause of type of cancer is unknown. However, we do know the cause is the abnormal growth of one particular infection -fighting cells which lowers the body ability to fight off infections. Now treatment for HL is highly effective and most people with the condition are eventually cured through chemotherapy. Our modern doctors continue to discuss cancer as an incurable disease unless you have chemotherapy or radiation treatment. However, in Africa this type of treatment isn’t readily available, accessible and very expensive. So, because of this many in Africa turn to alternative herbal medicine and spirituality for cure. Am sure you must be thinking this lady is talking rubbish but let me tell you a lot of chemotherapy cancer drugs like Vincristine is classified as a plant alkaloid, or have alkaline macronutrients. The difference between modern medicine and traditional medicine is this, scientists have extracted the pure form which can be poisonous while traditional medicine uses the whole of the plant from its roots to its leaves to reduce the toxicity in the body.

Now what medicinal plants can help save the lives of our people?

It has been reported in West Africa, traditional medicine healer used the wonder plant called Aloe Vera. They are many species of the aloe plant, in West Africa the (aloe barteri) is very common. They have one thing in common. They contain the alkaloid mineral called anthraquinone. In using Aloe Vera for cancer treatment, the age of the plant matters.

Another medicinal plant is soursop leaves & fruit, pronounced locally in Nigeria  as “shawa chop”. Now, these herbs mentioned SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN BY PREGNANT WOMEN.

The more I learn about Herbal medicine, the more am struck by its mystery’s” Interesting that today’s science make complex synthetic drugs removing the other ingredients that maintain balance and good quality.

There is a saying by many orthodox modern medical doctors that “if you cure a patient from cancer, it means the person never really had cancer, but if the patient dies of cancer, it means that he/she really had cancer”. This being one of the reasons why I love to share information like these; because the more knowledgeable we are ; the more open our closed mind becomes and the humbler we are at discovering the deeper dimensions of nature. If you need additional advise or resources, please post in the comments below.

Written by: Oluwaseyi Raji

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