With everyone jumping on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon, drinking tea has become so popular now. There are many varieties , blend and grades of  green tea blended with fruits and herbs .  It is said that regular consumption of green tea helps with detoxification, losing weight. You find people taking it before bedtime in order to detox overnight.

Whether if this is a good idea or not is dependent on your lifestyle and the type of blend of green tea.

Here is a brief overview of the composition of green tea, it’s contains polyphenol which gives it, its distinct colour and taste. Polyphenol is a group of anti-oxidants which give green tea its medicinal properties.

Next, it contains  L-theanine  a protein which helps reduce stress, anxiety and promote calmness in some people. Study say, consuming it before bed time, improves quality of sleep and reduce morning fatigue. However, these studies used green tea with  lowered caffeine content.

Green tea also contains caffeine which contributes to weight loss, promote food digestion and improves concentration and focus. In one cup of green tea, there can be approximately, 30mg of caffeine,  which makes it a bad idea to drink before bedtime. This amount of caffeine is enough to keep you awake during bedtime

What alternative to take before bedtime?

There are decaffeinated green tea on the market but bear in mind. It still contains tiny amount of caffeine, in a cup, about  2mg which wouldn’t  disturb your sleep but not a good alternative  for daily consumption since its been processed further to reduce the caffeine content. The more green tea is processed the more it’s stripped of its polyphenol, the medicinal properties.

It’s better to try herbal tea before bedtime, to get that restful night sleep.

For instance tea native to Africa that will help you get that much needed sleep  is Rooibos  or Red Bush tea native to South Africa. Naturally, caffeine free and contains high amounts of magnesium which is nature’s way of helping the body react well to stress and reduce anxiety. Magnesium plays a critical role in brain function, low levels are linked to an increased risk of depression. Also it helps with mood swing  and other symptoms in women with PMS.

Another herbal tea to try out is Graviola (Soursop) leaves.

Traditionally, used to treat insomnia because its leaves contains some muscles relaxing compounds. A glass of soursop leaf tea may  help ease stress. To find out more on the herb, visit

Final words, even though green tea is one of healthiest product alongside water on the market . I wouldn’t  recommend drink it before bedtime, rather go for herbal teas..

Written by: Oluwaseyi Raji

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